Painting Poison Ivy

The Batman range from Knight models is currently my favorite range of models to paint. I am even more fond of them now they have moved to resin, as the metal models could be really fidley to build. The metal models tended to lose some of the detail from casting particularly the female models. Now the casting is really crisp and the new Gotham Sirens set is amazing. I am going to show the process I used when painting Poison Ivy from the set.


My choice of brushes are by Broken toad you can read a review I done on them here. I used a range of paints from Vallejo (V), games workshop (GW) and Army painter (AP). To thin my paint I use thinner medium from Vallejo but you can use Lahamium medium from GW or water.


I primed the model with my airbrush using Vallejo surface primer black and grey. I used the zenithal priming technique that I wrote an article about not long ago, you can see that article here. By using the zenithal priming technique it shows me where all the natural shades and highlights should be placed.


Poison Ivy’s skin is the largest part of this model and the part that required the most work. I wanted to keep a touch of skin tone to the model whilst giving it a green tone that she has in the comics. To begin with I gave the skin a base of Kobold skin (AP). I make sure to use the “rule of two” painting two thin coats of each colour. Next i applied a general highlight to the tops of the legs, arms, chest and face with Corpse pale (AP).

With the undertone for the skin dry I mixed a wash using Escorpina green (V) and thinner medium. All of the skin was washed with this making sure not to let it pool in the recesses. Next i done a selective wash with green tone (AP) mainly concentrating on the deeper areas of shade.

I carried on shading down through Sick green(V) through to Dark green (V). With each shading step I made sure to paint a smaller area get a smooth blend.


To give Ivy her signature deep red hair I started with Doombull brown (GW) basecoat. I then gave the hair a wash with Strong tone to shade it down. For the highlight I added small amounts of Kobold skin (AP) to Doombull brown (GW) working on a smaller area each time.


For the shirts base coat  I used a 50/50 mix of Vampire red (AP) and Fire lizard (AP). this colour not only compliments the skin it goes well with the deep red hair as well. I worked the highlight up through Arid earth (AP).

Here is Ivy complete, the new resin models are an absolute joy to work with. The level of detail is amazing and the mold lines were pretty much non existent. I would strongly recommend having a go with some of the new models you wont be disappointed.

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  1. Really nice work and easy to read; but there could be a chance to see the images on a larger size? We can’t see the details and work done!!!

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