The Adeptus Mechanicus Project Part IV




Part III


Welcome back to part four of my army build for the Adeptus Mechanicus and I know that last time I said I would be focussing on the army list / codex, well that did not happen as I might have gotten a little carried away at my local games store.  As I mentioned last time I picked up some Kataphron Battle Servitors, having put these together I have to say two things.  First they are a stunning kit a very detail model and secondly they are pain to put together, not as much of a pain as the other model I bought but more on that shortly.


I also managed to dig my way past all the DIY equipment to get to my airbrush so I could give Magus Dominus Volkov a base coat to allow me to start painting.

And now finally we reach the final part of this update and that is a Knight, I finally did it I went and bought a Knight.

I am building this bad boy up as a Knight Crusader with many many guns.

I mentioned earlier that this kit was a pain to build and now you will see why, please be careful of hobby knives.

The knight is currently in this condition awaiting parts for my conversion.


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