Welcome to Core Space: Coming Soon

Better known for scenery Battle Systems are now teasing a game called Core Space.

From what little is known at the moment Core Space looks like it will be a small skirmish game. The models are being billed as 32mm scale. You can see a nice cyber-punk feel going on at the play test day recently held. During the day Battle Systems quized previous backers what they would like to see from the upcoming game.

Looking at the image it looks like there are going to be some interesting play aids. In the bottom left you can see the prototypes admittedly I’ve never been keen on the whole peg board design. However I’m all for anything that helps keep the play area a bit tidier.

Some of the prototype miniatures, look really cool, the middle picture looks very much like it could have come straight off the set off Firefly TV series. Some off the prototype droids look really good, reasonably generic but at the same time styled enough to be recognisable once painted up. So all in i think this could be a kickstarter to watch and definitely going to be an exciting time for the parent company Battle Systems.

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