The Growl of Gaslands Rises

New to the Osprey Games catalogue of Rulesets is Gaslands. Set in 2018 after the martians have subjected Earth. Gaslands is a blood thirsty spectator sport and this season the winning team gets a ticket off of Earth.

In its simplest form Gaslands is just a futuristic race around a post apocalyptic board. With the addition of lots of cool on board weapons to fire at your opponents. This in itself can be quite fun, but probably only has a finite shelf life. So to combat that we have Audience Votes. This system allows you to gain tokens to spend on a variety of extra actions. The Audience Votes add an extra layer of tactics to the game. Using them at the wrong time probably wont see you benefit very much from them, but use them at the right time……well it will sure heat things up.



With no official models its hard to know what to use to play. Its not that hard just go to eBay and search for Hot Wheels, there is literally hundreds off thousands of vehicles available, sometimes quite cheap. In fact this was the very suggestion that Gaslands creator Mike Hutchinson gave me when I asked him the same question.


Gaslands Skid Dice

I was going to talk about Skid dice for this article but the creator has already done a nice article here. Its well worth a read and explains one off the main aspects of the game perfectly.

Now if you haven’t managed to get hold of some of these great looking dice. Don’t worry there is a table in the rulebook to convert normal D6 into the results needed, I am going to bet this is the only game I regularly roll high for.

Although you can photocopy everything you need out of the book there are some snazzy tokens and templates available here.  The templates are placed at the front of the vehicle and used to determine where the vehicle finishes its move. So the plastic ones available from Gaslands direct are going to work out much better in the long run. As we get closer to the release date expect to see a full review coming and also much more on this very interesting game.

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