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This is a huge month for new releases for Batman by Knight Models. Knight models seem to be really upping their releases since 2nd edition, not only is there two new books but a large range of new models. Knight models have also released some of the older models in resin along with new cards. It seems that they are recasting the older models a lot quicker than thought. I like that they are trying to get the old models recast quickly as it does really affect the price. so let’s have a look at what is coming this month.

New books

The second edition rules are being released in a soft back book. It has 116 pages, 46 pages more than the download which I assume will be extra fluff and background. I like that they are releasing a book as I’m not a lover of PDF but I would have prefered it to be hardback.

The Book of Magic is the next book release this month. This book is the one we have been waiting for with the new rules to use magic in Batman. Once again it is a soft back book with 64 pages and comes with 24 magic cards. These rules allow certain characters to use magic in the game. It contains a list of new magic traits and all the spells that are currently available to certain characters. You can download these rules here for free.






New models

The first batch of new models have been sneak peaked for a while now and work with the book of magic. Constantine, Zatanna and Jason Blood with the demon we have known about for a little while, but Enchantress was a nice surprise. These are all cast in resin and are Multiverse so come with cards for Batman and DC universe games.

Also released this month is Batgirl rebirth and I think this is my favorite model this month. She is another great looking model, cast in resin and again cards for both games are included.










There are two new objective sets that have been released this month as well. They have replaced the old objective counters and made new ones for the new types of objective.







The last of the releases this month are the sets that have been changed over to resin. The Mr Freeze starter set and the Modern Riddler starter set have both been recast. The Riddler set now contains His sidekick Quelle who was a separate blister before.The individual models recast this month are Red hood and Deathstroke again these models come with cards for Batman and DC universe.






All of these are available for pre-order now from the Knight models webstore here.

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