Model Box Review

Model box is a monthly subscription mystery box service aimed specifically at the miniature modeller and gamer. Built on the model of previous mystery box subscription’s such as Lootcrate; for a monthly fee you receive a box of goodies based on a specific theme each month. You are treated to a great selection of items in your box,including: at least one model plus a mix of paints; hobby tools and scenic basing material or scenery pieces. 

What’s in the box?



Each month follows a theme such as Wild west, Space battles and this months theme was Orcs. I am filled with excitement with every box I receive and not one month have I been disappointed. There is always at least one model in the box, over the last six months I have received two or three. These models come from a variety of companies including Kromlech, TT combat and Mantic. This month I got an Orc from Kromlech and one from Atlantis miniatures. Also included is a Resin bust of the Model box logo which was a nice addition.


There are often paints included in the box each month. Paint from companies like Vallejo, Army painter and Foundry have been included in the last few months. This time I received two green paints from the Vallejo range, one of them is from their Game air range which is my favorite range of paints. I have also in a couple of Model box’s received a sable paint brush to add to my collection.


There has been a variety of extra bits in each months box some of which are exclusive to Model box. Some of the extras included have been basing materials from Army painter, scenery pieces from TT combat and custom Model box dice and range rulers.

Great value

One thing for sure is each month you feel you have got your moneys worth with Model box. A monthly subscription is £23.99 a month plus postage and they do 3, 6 and 12 month packages that save you even more money. I look forward to receiving my Model box each month it give me models that I might not buy normally. It also gives me a great range of models to practice different painting techniques on. From a painters point of view these boxes are great fun each month.

You can subscribe to Model box here and if you subscribe before October 31st, in next months Justice model box you will receive an exclusive model from Knight models inside.

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