Necromunda Update! Underhive Overview Video

Welcome to the Underhive, scum!

Games Workshop has released a video showcasing the basics on how to play the new Necromunda release that is coming soon.

You can see the video below.

It shows things such as the priority phase which will determine which player has priority. Whoever has priority picks a ready fighter and perform an action or actions of choice such as shooting or diving for cover, moving, crawling, etc.

Fighter cards show your fighters characteristics such as movement range, strength, etc. It also shows the delightful wargear that a fighter has. You’ll be needing these bits of kit to batter ten bells out of your opponents so learning who can do what will likely be very important, just in-case you’re new around here.

I’ll not go into too much detail as it’s all in the video but it looks like a somewhat familiar system that might have a nice balance between simplicity and dynamism.

Let us know your thoughts. Are you excited to pit your rival gangers against each other? What house or gang do you think you’ll be rolling? Will you be picking this up as soon as it hits the shelves? I’m particularly keen to see how nice the fighter cards are alongside the models! As ever, be sure to pop on over to our Facebook so you can keep up to date with all the tabletop news.

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