Hawk Wargames Bought Out

Hawk Wargames, the company behind Dropfleet Commander and Dropzone Commander, last week sold its games IP and company assets to TTCombat.

This is the latest in a string of acquisitions by TT Combat in the last year which also includes the games Relics and Carnivale.

Firstly, TT Combat have retained the creator and lead designer David Lewis who is now no longer tied down with trying to run the company, and free to design new rules and models. We have planned the next few years of product and along with DZ 2.0 there are lots of very exciting monthly releases! These waves will begin in January with Dropfleet Commander. In the mean time, we will put the battle fleets into production and this long-awaited release will be ready in time for Christmas at the end of November!
We have been working on a range of scenery to launch with the release of 2.0 in both MDF and resin! (People wanted ruined buildings and soon they will have them). This will be in April, so there is still plenty of time for people to play the earlier version of the game.

So a few things to note, first they wont be invalidating anything in the current games. This is awesome news, secondly starting from next year we should have much more regular releases. Currently releases so far have been few and far between. This includes some new scenery. If the email we have seen is 100% accurate there are at least a few years worth of releases planned already.
Now a more cautious note though these are another two highly specialised games. That don’t necessarily have the following they really deserve and both are very different from the current games that TT Combat produce or have already acquired. Now while I have spoken to a few guys from TT Combat and the Rumbleslam team, I hope that they have the staff to take on two great games and push them as well as they have with Rumbleslam. So we don’t start to see cracks that are clear with other gaming companies only to be told we don’t have the staff in place.
I am sure though that something official will come out very soon. Which hopefully will put these fears to bed.
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