Spectre Operations Rule Book Review

Spectre is a 28mm modern warfare gaming system written by Matt Adams and Stephen May. Published last year and with lots of miniatures already available, it’s hard not to get excited about this newish game. I picked up the rulebook at Salute 2017 early in the day. Meeting the team was great fun, having a good chat about the modern genre of tabletop warfare. I hope to sneak this game into the local gaming clubs soon. I also hope to encourage some of my friends to purchase their miniatures.


After opening the softback book and looking over the first few pages, something has got my attention.  I have found a new party fact. The Perry Brothers (Alan and Michael, not Tom and Ben, sorry guys) play tested this game. Who knew! It’s nice to see a well laid-out rulebook, contents page with clear numbering and the words are big in a great looking font.



Let’s talk models. The miniatures in their range are fantastic, truly inspired by actual poses used in combat I assume as I have never been in combat. I have been in airsoft combat and paintball combat, not that that counts.  The models can be seen beautifully painted by Stephen May and their photos fill the entire book with incredible scenes of bravery and heroic feats. Their pictures speak a thousand words at the very least and make me want to take more photos of my miniatures at that angle. The rules play well, which have a big impact on the game and the players. Having only played solo games, as detailed in the rulebook with scenarios that make you think before acting. I found the rules fun to learn, the rules also captured realism while remaining balanced, which can be difficult to achieve.



The phases and turns are easy to play, playing like some other popular games with a you-go-I-go system. Which I do feel takes away some of the realism. However, it’s hard to see how you would make it realistic. So, I let it slide, there is nothing worse than focusing on the little details of a game than thinking I could do it better. As you can’t make a game balanced and completely realistic in my opinion, this is a very good try and very close to the realism I seek in a modern genre.


With the Spectre rulebook, which has a nice layout, good mechanics, great looking models and a way around the hiding troops problem without giving the game away to the opponent which is something some games miss and can be a deal breaker when it comes to the modern and science fiction genres. I would recommend looking hard at this game. Personally I will be playing it at least a few times a month. Even if it’s by myself using the solo rules.




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