What in the Mortal Realms is Warhammer Underworlds: Shadespire?!

No doubt you guys have been hearing all the hubbub and kerfuffle about this Warhammer Underworlds: Shadespire thing. Games Workshop are throwing a colossal marketing spend at it and it seems to be proving effective. Everywhere you turn it’s in your face and whilst some of you may fairly informed on it, some of you may not be. So, pull up a pew and let’s have a gander into what Shadespire is and why you should be excited.

What is Shadespire when it’s at home?

For those of you completely in the dark we can toddle on over to the Warhammer Underworlds website for a lovely blurb on what exactly the new game system is.

“Only the bravest warriors have a chance of escaping the cursed city of Shadespire!

Warhammer Underworlds: Shadespire is an action-packed combat game for two players. Gather your warband, enhance your warriors with unique skills and upgrades, and lead them to victory against your foes.”

Hold on, another skirmish game system?! – If this is you then hold your horses, bub. This time it’s something a little different but quite exciting. Once again turning to the website you’ll find the key game components broken down into Warbands, the game board and cards. Yes, cards! For the first time (at least by my recollection) this is Games Workshop’s first voyage into a game with a card deck-building element. This is an exciting leap to hop into, especially if you’ve never touched any sort of deck-building before.

If you want to know more about the lore/fluff of the game, you can check the video below.

What do I need to play it? Armies? Tape measures? Dice?

Shadespire appears to be completely self-contained. You can buy the core box (coming out 21/10/2017) and within comes two warbands, custom dice for the game system, cards, tokens, etc. In fact, have a list!

This Core Set contains everything you need to assemble your new miniatures and pit them against each other right away.

• 3 Stormcast Eternals Liberators
• 5 Khorne Bloodbound Bloodreavers
• A construction guide
• A book of all the rules you need to play
• A quick-start sheet to introduce you to the game
• 8 double-sided fighter cards
• 2 double-sided game boards
• 60 power cards
• 36 objective cards
• 5 attack dice and 3 defence dice
• 126 various tokens

The models come without glue needed for assembly and are all coloured so they can be used as quickly as humanly possible.

So far so good. What factions are available?

At the moment the confirmed warbands for the game include models for Stormcast Eternals and Khorne Bloodreavers (both available via the core box) along with Undead Sepulchral Guard, Skaven, Dwarves and Orruks coming sometime after the launch. I’d suspect that further factions/warbands will be supported in the coming future as Games Workshop seem to really want to give this game as huge a lifespan as possible.

But who is the game for?!

Well, it seems to be for everyone. Do you enjoy tabletop wargaming and want something that doesn’t take four hours to play? Then this is for you! Are you interested in wargaming but don’t have the time or money to invest in colossal armies? Shadespire is a very desirable alternative. Do you love board games and have always been interesting in miniature wargames? Grab a copy of Shadespire!

The models that we’ve seen thus far are all fully plastic, high quality sculpts. The Sepulchral Guard look particularly dynamic…for a bunch of dead guys.

Games Workshop seem to have designed this as a balance between something for experienced, veteran wargamers or those who have yet to take the plunge. The term “gateway game” is being thrown a lot around discussions regarding Shadespire and it seems pretty close to the mark.

Come on now, how does it play?!

That, my friend, is a great question. One we look forward to answering for you and explaining to you all in content we’ll be releasing in the very near future after we’ve spent some time deck building and warband-smashing! Games Workshop has released a handy video on how to play which can be found here.

Stay tune with us here for Shadespire coverage including hands-on, battle reports and anything we can stand to get our hands into. You can find us on Facebook for regular updates and please feel free to support us via our Patreon if you enjoy our work!

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