Tales of an Under Average Painter Part 3: The Wood the Bad and The Ugly

Welcome back to Tales of and Under Average Painter. As its been a while there is a lot to catch up on so bear with me.

Firstly the non painting, I made a desk. Its not complete and is still a way off being the fully functioning studio that I originally intended but its a start. Hopefully the desk will be completed sometime within the next 12 months years. Once the build has been finished it will be handed over to the wife to decorate. As part of the bargaining process was that it fit in with the theme of the room. So this way I win on the dedicated workspace front and she thinks she has won as it fits the decor of the room.


With the new workspace functional, if not as well as fully planned. Painting has become a lot easier, I don’t think I have completely finished much recently, but I have a lot that is getting there. My space marine army which sits at about 2250 points is nearly half finished. But other things have dragged me away. The new Grymkin releases from Privateer Press are an absolute pleasure to paint. They are full of charactor and little details. The new releases I have at the moment arent enough for a force of any major reckoning but they are getting there and the slow grow style of them being drip fed to me is great as I am not that far behind on painting them. However I am still looking at getting the Army Box which contains a full force ready to go.


Sci-Fi Skirmish


With Necromunda getting ever more closer I am starting to look more at skirmish games rather than large scale battles. This is for many reasons, but the main one being quite simple. Painting half a dozen figures is a lot quicker and takes up a lot less space than even a few hundred points of a mass battle game. In the first two Under Average Painter articles I spoke about The Drowned Earth. The Drowned Earth has a near future setting where as recently I have been looking more far reaching games. Games such as Scrappers and Rogue Stars.  Not that either of these need any new miniatures, but they give me a bit of incentive to finish painting. As well as a great excuse to buy a few more, just because they look cool.


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