Terrain Corner – Bamboo Grove Multi Base

Yes, I’m still alive and yes its been a long time since I wrote anything I know.

So to get me back in the swing I’m going to explain how I made the multi base pieces that some people will have seen recently at the Warring States event.  Often when people look at terrain the pound signs really start clocking up and I wanted to prove that it didn’t have to be like that.  Nearly the entire contents of the Multi Bases were made from elements found in your local Poundland (Or equivalent).  Some of the elements also garnered me enough material to keep me going for a long old while.

To start with I bought some of the sticky back tiles.  My plan was to use two stuck together and then coat with filler, sand etc to make them last and also look good.

One of the things I made sure I did was make the holes a little bigger than the bases they had to fit.  I’ve learnt from experience that sand, filler and other things often tend to not go where planned and then things don’t fit right.  The second stage was to coat the pieces with filler to make it look more broken up and less uniform.  With this, I really didn’t worry about how it looked and layered in on thick. Because of the amount, I used it took about 12 hours for this to all dry and once it did I coated the filler with PVA glue and a good dumping of sand.

My basecoat once all this is dry is an Emulsion tester pot from Wilkinsons, I think the colour is Java Bean or something like that.  I have a few pots just in case they change the colour and use the same basecoat for everything so that the colours match.  I often find that the undercoat needs touching up in a few spots and including drying time you’re looking at about an hour.  What I did next was add a few dots of Golden brown and did 2-3 heavy layers of dry brushing.  You can be as rough as you want as your creating areas hidden from light in some locations.  So it doesn’t have to be exact.

For me this is not where the real fun comes into it.  The dressing stage for want of a better term.  This is where you can let the imagination go wild.  So I added slate which I bought oddly in Poundland.  Clump Foliage, one bag of this last’s for ages.  I did a huge pile of trees with them and still have loads left for small projects.  So static grass in various colours and shades, because the filler was quite thick it also allowed me to drill into it and then attach more elements of bamboo to fill the area out.  You can use whatever you want to make it work for you.  These are aimed at Bamboo for Test of Honour, Bushido, Ronin etc.  But there isn’t anything stopping you modifying it to work with normal trees.


As you see, once the Bamboo stands are added the whole piece comes alive and it really fills the table out a little.  The total cost for 6 stands was about £6.  Now that might sound steep, but I still have a huge bag of slate left.  In fact if I bagged it up and sold it in the sizes people do on eBay I could retire.  The bag of sand as well could keep several gamers goinf for years.  So the resouces will be shared over a lot of projects for years to come.

Hopefully this little guide helped and I’m always up for being asked questions.

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