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In the last Batman article, we took a brief look at the new changes to the Batman miniature game. Now, we are going to take a more in-depth look at the changes: to the movement rules, what effect they have on the game and what has changed in some of the traits that effect movement. I have managed to play a few games now, with my Harley crew, and I can see the difference in the game.


All measurements in Batman are now measured in inches instead of centimeters. This doesn’t present a huge change to how the game is played but if you have played the old edition for a while it does take some getting used too. The standard movement for a model is now 4″, with the Acrobat trait granting +1″, or the Large and Fast traits granting +2″ to your movement. You can increase movement by using movement counters, to add 2″, for each counter allocated. I use the Arkham Knight Harley, who has Acrobat trait, so moves 5″ standard; then with the Unpredictable trait, i can use all seven of her action counters in movement for another 14″. This gives Harley a huge movement distance of up to 19″.


The crouch rule was one I used quite often in Batman’s first edition. As Harley’s thugs have the Street guy trait, they don’t have to pay the SC to crouch. I feel the changes to the crouch rule will see it being used a lot more by all players. A model that crouches in contact, with a piece of scenery or obstacle that grants a ping roll, gets +1 added to their defence. This makes a huge difference to henchmen, who are usually Defence 2/3, as it is a bonus to a stat not a dice roll; it can be used to help them survive that bit longer.

Jumping and Leaping down

Where movement rules have become more free-flowing; jumping and leaping down has improved. Characters can jump in any direction at a cost of 1 special counter. The model suffers impaired movement so every inch moved costs 2 inches and a model can jump as many times as it wants; as long as it has enough movement and special counters to perform them. If a model has the Acrobat trait they don’t need to pay the special counter to jump and any move is not impaired, making them even more mobile.


The Batclaw trait has changed quite considerably and impacts the models that acquire it, particularly on their on movement in any game. The batclaw now adds 8″ to your movement when the trait is used. As this is an added movement. it does not need to be in a straight line. The character using a Batclaw doesn’t need to change elevation; however it cannot be used in two consecutive turns, so it has been limited.

Next time, we will take a closer look at the few other rules and the changes to street furniture.

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