When the line between a proxy and a conversion starts to blur…

Have you ever looked at a model and thought “Wow, that looks…not good?”. I’d assume yes, if you’ve been into tabletop as long as I have. Chances are it’s happened on more than one occasion, too. I encountered this for the first time in a while just a few weeks ago. I was keen to get a Rotbringers Sorcerer for my Nurgle Rotbringers with an upcoming Path to Glory in mind. However, when hopping onto Games Workshop’s website I was met with this…

Is it a Nurgle-esque model? It sure is! Does it look gross enough and not too complex? Absolutely. Do I like it? Nope. not one bit. I (rather ironically) find the model just, not attractive. It doesn’t it just somehow looks like it might not fit with my Blightking-heavy list. So at this point I looked into my options. The Lord of Plagues looks great, and was a great basis to start. I know this model is the foundation for many strong Nurgle conversions.

After some tinkering and bashing with some Blightking bits I came up with something that was suitably unpleasant. It was also consistent with my Rotbringer army for the upcoming games. Results can be seen below!

I replaced the head/mask with one of the Blightking heads. I’m debating painting it a different colour at this point to make it look like a shaman-style mask, fitting of a sorcerer. The axe was replaced with a staff/scepter that was fashioned from a totem from the Glottkin kit. Feels more like a sorcerer with that in hand than a ruddy great blade, anyway.

However, at what point would someone look at this and think “That’s just a Lord of Plagues, surely?”. The Blightking models provide heaps of options to customise themselves and the Lord kit as they are similar. The base is the correct size for the model (as in it’s the size the intended model ships with), but the model is no so strikingly different.

Do any of you lot have any conversions you’re particularly proud of? Maybe something so utterly different from the originally released model that you intended to use it as? We’d love to see!

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