Bandits and Brigands in Test of Honour

Warlord games have two new sets up to pre-order for Test of Honour. The first is the Bandits and Brigands set and the second is the Swordsmen expansion.

Bandits and Brigands

Kojirō leads a gang of bandits and brigands with a reputation for robbing travellers in sudden, vicious attacks. His lack of mercy has earned him the nickname ‘Oni’ – the demon.

Ruthless, cunning and upholding little to no honour, these bandits and brigands will fight for any side if they have the right amount of money. Nothing is too beneath them and nothing is too challenging, making them the ideal hire for anyone who wants a job done.

This boxed set includes 7 highly detailed metal models of Bandits & Brigands, as well as a rules supplement for Test of Honour. With the exception of one model, all the miniatures are metal one piece casts.



The Darkness and Deceit rules booklet included in the new expansion contains several new rules to enhance your game. There are new movement rules which include leaping and climbing. I’m not going to suggest that maybe this is a precursor to Ninjas. Other new rules include battling in Darkness and also random movement which allows troops to be ‘unaware’.

There are four new scenarios included in the pamphlet, these are.

Sudden Attack- where a band of warriors jump another band.

Ambush in the Dark- pretty self explanatory

Undercover Raid- trying to steal another Samurais treasure

Assassination- assassinate the enemies Samurai

Swordsman Expansion

Also available is the Swordsman Expansion these three models are basically the swordsmen from the Bandits and Brigands these allow you to field another multi-base group. Although the models aren’t new sculpts you can paint them in slightly different colours to make them look different

These two new sets look set to bring a new dynamic to the game and with the exception of one, they are all one piece models so getting them built and based is a breeze. with plenty of simple details which make the models look great. As with the other models in the Test of honour range there are plenty of details to pick out and plenty of swords of varying lengths and uses to paint.

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