Star Wars RPG: Reading the Rolls (Lightsaber)

It’s that time once again, scoundrels, scum and villains! I shall for the umpteenth time throw you more precarious situations in which you and your party may find themselves in SWRPG! You may recall that last time we looked at getting up close and personal with Melee.

Once again we’ll be looking at combat! This time something people have probably been waiting for, get ready to make the sound effects…it’s time for Lightsaber checks! Let’s imagine your force-sensitive character is going toe to toe with against a lightsaber-wielding foe in an industrial complex. What’s the worst that could possibly happen? Well…

Success Triumph – You skillfully and masterfully parry an incoming attack from your opponent, landing a nasty blow onto his body and end with your lightsaber pointed at his throat inches away. Surely the fight is over?

Success Advantage – Your character bests his foes attempt at blocking and manages to land a strike on their arm. Likely this will introduce a setback should the opponent wish to retaliate using their lightsaber.

Success Disadvantage – A fair attack lands on the opponent but you clumsily lose your balance at the end of the attack. You’re now slightly vulnerable which may boost your enemy’s chance to deal damage!

Success Despair – The small of burnt flesh fills your nostrils as your lightsaber contacts the enemy. However, they are now imbued with rage and manage to land a solid kick to your body, sending you flat on your back.

Mouth-made lightsaber sound effects are not crucial but encouraged. You know, for that extra level of immersion before someone loses a hand.

Fail Triumph – Your best attempts to land an attack are thwarted, the enemy is too nimble on their feet. Though their spatial awareness is letting them down as they step back stumble off a ledge and land on a platform below. Looks like it hurt…

Fail Advantage – The evasiveness of your foe knows no bounds as they duck and weave out of the way of your flurries. You notice some pipes and valves with arms reach and you slash at them, steam bellowing out into the fight. Your enemy is caught unaware, allowing you the press the attack.

Fail Disadvantage – The constant failure to land a hit on the enemy begins to take its toll emotionally. You become frustrated and start to make clumsy mistakes with your footing and balance. You’re now easier to outmaneuver and over come!

Fail Despair – You raise your lightsaber preparing for a powerful downward thrust with all your strength to try to break the block of your opponent. Seemingly they were expecting this and they send you hurtling to the ground with a firm kick to your chest. Your lightsaber rolls out of your hand and behind some crates. You have a bad feeling about this…

Lightsabers in SWRPG can be very, very powerful. Almost to the extent that receiving one means the game is about to get much easier. Either that or the GM is about to up the ante. Negating most common types of armour and dealing very strong damage off the bat. Wielding one of the ancient Jedi weapons is not to be taken lightly. If you encounter someone wielding one and nobody in your party does, well, there’s no harm in a tactical retreat!

May the Force be with you all, readers. Be sure to check back next time for more exciting “what-ifs” in SWRPG. As always feel free to check our Facebook for regular updates and if you wish to support us and our content then our take a gander at our Patreon.

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