Batman Miniature game 2nd edition

This week, Knight models released the second edition rules and compendium for their popular Batman miniatures game. We have been expecting these for a while now. I think the extent of how much some of the rules have changed has surprised some people, including me. I am going to take a look through the new rules and point out the main changes. This will be just a brief look through the new rules; a more in-depth analysis will follow once I have played a couple of games. But I mainly play online casino games at


Reading through the rules, the first significant change you will see is the conversion from centimeters to inches. This means most distances will be more or less what the were in first edition. Movement is where the large majority of changes have been made. No longer is there a run action, all models move a set 4″, unless a trait states otherwise or you use a movement counter. Movement counters now add 2″ to your movement, per counter, rather than a dice roll; this takes away the random movement you would experience in first edition, now you are able to judge if your henchman can make it to that ammo counter, rather than leaving it to chance.


There isn’t many major changes to attacking or damaging models. One change worth noting is that you now have to be in contact with a model to stop ranged attacks. Ping rolls have changed slightly too, you now get just one 4+ ping roll no matter how many pieces of furniture the shot passes over or what type it is.


The way urban furniture has changed, I feel could make a massive difference in the way the Batman is played, firstly six sewer markers and six lampposts are always taken in each game now in comparison to the first edition being a random amount. But the way sewer markers now work is the big change. When in contact with a sewer marker, the model can spend one movement counter and one special counter to move the model to any other sewer marker on the board; so no more hiding models in the sewer they exit immediately. This does end the models activation but it allows models to move across the board very quickly.


The original objectives have stayed the same, apart from a couple of tweaks to riddles. However five new objectives have been added: medical supplies, Lexcorp high technology, fire drum, contraband and ace chemicals. These all come with new rules and victory points, which I will go through in more detail in another article.

The new rules and compendium are available here on the Knight models website.

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Next time I will be looking at a few of the new rules in-depth. As well as looking at how they change the way that I will use my crew.

Thanks for reading.


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