Dark Angels land in Armageddon

On a whim I decided that I would join Kenny in the Shadow Wars of Armageddon. Now naturally being a Dark Angels player this gave me ample reason to buy some more miniatures.

So as a Dark Angels player, I only have one real option and that’s Scouts. Now that may seem like a great thing as everybody has scouts kicking around don’t they? Well almost everyone, as I have had to buy a new box off scouts to get started. Having got sniper scouts to begin with I now have a five man squad to use to make war with. Coming very soon is going to be a quick trip to get a box of the bolter armed scouts. Not that this will give me a larger team as the points differences are negligible. What it will do is give me some easier shots at close range as opposed to -1 modifier the sniper rifle receives at short range.

Dark Angels Snipers

The Space Marines sniper scout box contains 5 models. One leader, three snipers and either a 5th sniper rifle or a missile launcher. Now whilst I really don’t think I am going to be needing a missile launcher for Shadow Wars. It seemed a bit short sighted not to build him up as I can always use it in regular games off Warhammer 40k.

At the moment my kill team is a Scout Sargeant with sniper rifle, a camo cloak and a reload. 3 Scout snipers each with a camo cloak and a reload. Finally a Scout Sniper with camo, reload, a telescopic sight and a photo visor. This totals 960 points which though a bit on the smaller side of points should hopefully give me a fair amount of hitting power. especially with the kneeling scout sniper having a telescopic sight which boosts the range to 54″ and a photo visor which decreases the target cover save by 1.

Needless to say the kitted out scout is going to be hiding as far back as possible and just taking pot shots. Hopefully I can get the Marksman skill for him. Although Sprint and Infiltration skills so I can position it high up with good fields of fire early on will really let me applly a lot of early damage.


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