Go All in on Ghost Archipelago

As some of you have no doubt seen Northstar Miniatures are running a new Nickstarter for Ghost Archipelago, the newest setting in the Frostgrave Ruleset.

Ghost Archipelago Contents

There are a few levels you can pre-order at on this Nickstarter. Here we looked at the Warden level buy in. Today we will look at the Heritor Level, which is the top tier you can buy in at.


Coming in at £207 The Heritor Deal is not for the faint hearted, but you definitely get a fair amount for your money.

The Rulebook Frostgrave: Ghost Archipelago.
The Accessory Pack,
The Tales of the Lost Isles,
Crewmen plastic box set,

All of the above are in the Warden Level
Ten metal Heritor figures, (Warden Level contains only 2)
Ten metal Warden figures,
Four female Crew members,
Ten specialist crew members,
Two Ghouls,
Five Saurian models,
Nine Animal models.

As you can see you are getting a lot more miniatures (48 extra at the moment) which puts each miniature at under £3 each. That is without the value of books, dice, treasure tokens and anything else that get added to the bundles. Thinking back to my Frostgrave Crews you can safely make 8 crews from this bundle alone possibly even getting that number up to 10 crews, depending on exactly what is available to take. Although I don’t know anyone that can play that many crews at once. With the Heritor bundle you will have a lot of flexibility in crew creation and even many variant models of the same load out.


This deal, which saves you about 15% is only available during the Nickstarter. I would imagine packages will start turning up on peoples doors towards the second half of October.


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