New Grymkin Warlock Released

This month sees a slew of Grymkin releases, from Privateer Press, which makes me a happy follower of the Defiers. All ready available are the Twilight Sisters and many other units including The Murder Crows. To be honest though I still think the best is yet to come!

A while ago I had a quick look at the Grymkin book ‘The Wicked Harvest’, and I was slightly under-impressed. However we’re starting to get some models in hand, and although I haven’t received the Army Box yet, I have to say the models are very nice. There is a nice mix of metal and plastic miniatures coming out with many having components of both materials.

The Wanderer


Grymkin Warlock The WandererThe first release I will look at is The Wanderer, this model comes with 3 road markers which can be used to cause untold headaches for your opponents and generally give the Wanderer a fair amount of unpredictable movement. The Wanderer model is nicely sculpted with lots off detail, including a scenic base which matches the road markers.

As a Warlock the Wanderer is a weird mix of aggressive support. The Latern as a weapon confers two bonuses, the first allows friendly faction models to attack an enemy hit by the Latern without using focus. It also adds 2″ to the charge of models charging it for the next turn. The second bonus is that models hit by the Laterns attack lose stealth and suffer -2 defence for a turn. Which of these effects is more useful will be situational but I would imagine charging without using focus is going to be more popular.

The Wanderer has 4 spells he can call on, the one that really stands out is Star-Crossed. Costing 3 focus you add a dice to every enemy attack within the Wanderers control range. Once rolled the highest highest result is discarded. Useful as long as your opponent doesn’t roll lots of 6’s.

The next unit I will have a look at is the Grymkin Murder Crows.

Grymkin Unit Murder Crows

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