The Ghost Archipelago

The Ghost Archipelago has returned. A vast island chain, covered in the ruins of ancient civilizations, the Archipelago appears every few centuries, far out in the southern ocean. At such times, pirates, adventurers, wizards, and legendary heroes all descend upon the islands in the hopes of finding lost treasures and powerful artefacts. A few, drawn by the blood of their ancestors, search for the fabled Crystal Pool, whose waters grant abilities far beyond those of normal men. It is only the bravest, however, who venture into the islands, for they are filled with numerous deadly threats. Cannibal tribes, sorcerous snake-men, and poisonous water-beasts all inhabit the island ruins, guarding their treasure hordes and setting traps for the unwary.

In this new wargame, set in the world of Frostgrave, players take on the role of Heritors, mighty warriors whose ancestors drank from the Crystal Pool. These Heritors lead their small, handpicked teams of spellcasters, rogues, and treasure hunters into the ever-shifting labyrinth of the Ghost Archipelago. Using the same rules system as Frostgrave, this standalone wargame focuses on heroes who draw on the power in their blood to perform nigh-impossible feats of strength and agility. This game also includes 30 spells drawn from five schools of magic, a host of soldier types, challenging scenarios, treasure tables, and a full bestiary of the most common creatures that inhabit the Lost Isles.

The Warden level Nickstarter deal (Pretty muxh the sweet spot).

This is the players deal in our Nickstarter promotion for Frostgrave: Ghost Archipelago.

In this level you get a copy of the rulebook, the Accessory pack, the Tales of the Lost Isles and a free set of five treasure tokens exclusively designed for use in Frostgrave: Ghost Archipelago.

You also get a box of the plastic Crewmen and one Heritor and one Warden of your choice. Just let us know the codes of the two figures you want in the notes section of the order form. (If you forget, we’ll send you the two most popular figures).

You are entered into the Nickstarter, which makes you eligible for the Spend Goals and Prize Draws.

You are welcome to add whatever else you want to your Warden Level Deal. The Warden Deal saves you around 15% over ordering the items individually.

Warden. Level Three Deal.

Our Price was: £71.37
Special Offer price!: £62.00
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