Star Wars RPG: Reading the Rolls (Melee)

Greetings once again my fellow force-wielding acolytes. Welcome to yet another “Reading the Rolls”. Previous to this we have looked into Leadership and Mechanics which have proven to provide situations that could end up ghastly, glorious and at times hilarious.

Join me once again as we look into the weirdly hypothetical and hypothetically weird. This time we’re looking at Melee. Melee is combat that involves close-combat weapons that aren’t lightsabers and also excludes smaller weapons such as brass knuckles. Let’s imagine a player character has found himself on the bad side of some Czerka Corporation goon. A fight has broken out and all the character has to hand is a stun baton they “found” earlier. Can the player character put up an adequate defense and send the goon reeling?

Success Triumph – With a skillful swing and the force of an imperial walker the stun baton claps the goon right on the head, sending him hurtling to the ground. He is now prone and his weapon dropped and landed a few feet away. He is truly helpless and at your mercy.

Success Advantage – You land a solid hit, dealing damage as well as knocking his weapon away. He’s at a disadvantage but still quite dangerous.

Success Disadvantage – Your stun baton connects and clearly injures him but your stun baton malfunctions and powers down. For the moment, it is not quite as effective as it should be!

Success Despair – A loud thwack can be heard from all nearby as your stun baton collides expertly into the goons chest. It sends him backwards as you hear a clunk beside you. It seems the stun baton wasn’t exactly masterfully crafted, it has shattered into pieces in your hand and has left you unarmed!

You won’t always be guaranteed to have a blaster to hand, so be sure to try keeping a concealed weapon on you when you can!

Fail Triumph – The thug comes charging towards you as you try to smack him with your stun baton. You over-commit to your swing and miss him completely but somehow manage to dodge out of the way. He hits a nearby wall at full force, leaving him somewhat dazed and will likely struggle to fight!

Fail Advantage – Despite your best efforts to deal damage with your new weapon the brute manages to grab it with one of his hands. You swiftly thumb the charge switch and it shocks him, he suffers strain but is likely somewhat very annoyed.

Fail Disadvantage – A rather sad attempt to strike the goon not only has you miss but has you lose your balance rather ungracefully as you drop to the floor in a heap.

Fail Despair – In an effort to make yourself seem like one of those holo-vid heroes, you try to elegantly land a single blow upon the lumbering thug knocking him down. However, you underestimated your opponent. He grabs your arm with a crushing grip causing you to drop your stun baton to the ground. You should probably start calling for help…

Whilst you’ll typically have a blaster to hand more often than not, being able to hold your own when it’s toe-to-toe can prove invaluable, especially in the seedier parts of the galaxy. Have you ever had a particularly thrilling melee combat? Any memorable moments involving vibroblades? We’d love to read them!

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