Star Wars RPG: Reading the Rolls (Leadership)

Welcome back to all of you Jedi, Sith and everything inbetween.

Last time we covered Mechanics and all sorts of fun things you can get up to when working on techy bits and bobs. This time we’ll be delving into something more inspiring, more commanding! Let’s try and hypothesize some ways in which Leadership can work in your favour or much to your inconvenience.

For a scenario we’ll put our party in a Rebel Alliance hangar just before a dangerous attack run is launched to cripple the Empire of some vital manufacturing facilities on the planet in which the Rebels and party find themselves. Everyone is on edge, fearing they’ll never come back alive. The party members elect their leader to give a speech to rouse the troops and bring their vigor for battle back!

Success Triumph – Speaking like a professional and veteran iterator, the party leader lights the fire under each and every Rebel heart within earshot. Every troop lets out a loud cheers as they rush to their fighters. It’s likely this will vastly improve their performance in the coming battle, victory seems almost certain!

Success Advantage – After a stirring speech the fighters dash to their ships and prepare for the fight to come. One of the squad leaders steps over, praising the leader for their stepping-up and vows to keep them safe in the incoming chaos. Perhaps this will come in handy when things get dicey?

Success Disadvantage – The Rebels within the hangar are suitable revved up and ready to fight. After a speech-well-done the party congratulate the leader for their efforts. However, it seems that even the party members were so enthralled by the speech that they failed to effectively spend the time preparing their own ship. There’s now no time for those rather-needed repairs and restocks of ammunition/equipment.

Success Despair – The cheers are audible throughout the base. The soldiers are all chanting, their blood pumping and their souls more than ready for the fight. However, everyone was so busy listening to the speech (which likely dragged just a little too much) that they failed to notice the incoming TIE fighters. The alarm starts to blare, looks like the battle’s beginning a lot sooner than expected.

Knowing who to talk to and how to talk can prove just as useful as a good blaster. Just don’t mince your words…

Fail Triumph – Your leader has the charisma of a drowned mynock. The speech falls flat and all rebels in hangar barely even acknowledge the talk is taking place. The base commander stops the speech mid-sentence and thanks the party for their efforts. For embodying the heart of the rebellion and its courage the commander offers them a reward beyond measure…should they survive the ensuing mission.

Fail Advantage – The party leader gives a speech that is simply underwhelming. Nobody cares to hear it and those that do find themselves unimpressed. The soldiers around seem so sure of their demise that they are forgetting key munitions stocks and preparations. The party figure nobody seems to care so they can stash some for their own part in the mission.

Fail Disadvantage – The speech has the motivational power of bantha dung and the soldiers around seem to believe that this party doesn’t realise the gravitas of the situation. They begin to see them as a hindrance and make it clear that they’ll be busy defending their own lives rather than that of the party. I guess you guys are all on your own…

Fail Despair – Somehow, in a feat that is both impressive yet stupifying, the party leader has left every rebel in the base feeling even worse about the upcoming mission. Not only are they hopeless but also turning to cowardice. Several ships take off early and are seen flying in the opposite direction from the battle.

So it’s probably best if you have your most charismatic party leader give any rousing speeches or motivational talks, lest you end up making a grim situation worse! As ever you can support us and our content via our Patreon and feel free to follow TabletopGamesUK on Facebook to be kept up to date.

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