The 1st Legion Prepares to Ride Again

As you may have seen in my last Dark Angels article I am returning to the Rock and preparing for war again with the First Legion, my plan this month had been to add some Armour to my force in the shape of either a Dreadnought or a Repulsor Tank, now one hasn’t been released as I type this and the other was out of stock so instead had to settle for some Primaris Aggressors.

As you can see I started writing this a while ago!

The Aggressors Kit can be made in one of two variants, both of which are suitable for many battlefield roles but I have plumped for the Bolters and Icarus missile options my first reasoning was at the time I had no anti-air weaponary, which a redemptor dreadnaght has now helped to fix so enemy fliers beware, I am ready for you, the second reason for it was that they look cool and it will be an excuse to get another set for the other weapon variants at a later date.

The builds are coming on fairly well with a complete Dark Imperium set already built as well as two dreadnoughts, tactical squad, rhino, terminator captain and the Interegator Chaplain all built and starting to be painted with another Dark Imperium set and tactical squad waiting to be started, but this weekend I visited a shop I really should pay more attention to as they buy and sell a lot of second hand miniatures so for the princely sum of £13 I secured a watcher in the dark and a fully built Land Speeder Vengence, which I will spray black during the week and it will be about 90% painted in about 5 minutes.

Also thanks to missing a local tournament I ended up with some store credit, which went towards a Primaris Librarian, hopefully the Enclave will remain an option but if it doesn’t I will probably still end up with one as on the whole I like the Liberian models and the Primaris is no different in that regards.

The thing I like about this model is that it all ready robed up nicely, a few small Dark Angel Icons off one of the Space Marine upgrade sprues and it should look the part quite nicely, although slightly smaller I think they should mesh reasonable well, as its not to much of a size increase and they are just Icons so there is no hard and fast rule about sizes of heraldry, Other than the robes being bone coloured to represent the Inner Circle I can probably do a similar paint scheme (although not to the same level of quality) as the stock picture.


One thing I have noticed though is that I am very ‘troop’ and ‘HQ’ heavy in my army at the moment which is something I will have to look at addressing in the next few months to give a more rounded force, and a bit more splash of colour from the sea of green that my army looks like at the moment.


I have also heard rumours that ‘The Lion’ will be the next loyalist Primarch to be released by GW so now is as good a time as any to expand the loyalist 1st legion.


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