Grab your pitchforks and Cockrels

The farmers are here for Guild Ball, yes that’s right the hit game from Steam Forged games gets another team, with another on the horizon as well.

So what have we got in this latest release, well for a start you get the entire team (and extras) for a princely some of only £35 which is an absolute steal compared to the original guilds, so how come its so cheap? Well the models are all one piece plastic models, now whilst there was some complaints about the plastic models in the Kick Off starter set, these are much better, some parts are still a little bendy for my tastes but on the whole the quality of the set is awesome!

As you can see you get a full team which seems to compliment each other quite well and the harvest markers make for a nice new additional mechanic to help make the Farmers different from other Guilds, we will revisit the Farmers once I’ve had a chance to play them on the field 

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