Dropzone Commander 2nd Edition changes

Gen Con 2017 opened  today and Hawk Staff and Talons will be running demo games of the beta rules for Dropzone Commander 2nd Edition to lucky attendees. Can’t make it to Gen Con? I know how you feel so here are some spoilers

UCM Archangels dominate the skies.

All of these rules are currently undergoing beta testing and as such are not yet finalised. Further development may cause the published rules to differ from those shown today. This is a brief overview and does not cover additional changes designed for balance.

Open Transports

Previously squads were only able to be carried by transports bought for them whilst building your army. This led to squads unable to be redeployed if their transport was shot down. Transports now operate flexibly and are able to activate and carry squads in a different battlegroup from their previous activation, provided they have not already activated and have the capacity to carry that squad.

This is fantastic news as the easiest way to nerf a squad was to take out its transport and make it slog around the board, at times like a drunk elephant, this gave some forces like the Scourge a real boost in terms of game play, and could hinder slower armies like PHR

Disembarking and Shooting

Vehicles may now fire their weapons after disembarking from a transport with a +2 penalty to their accuracy. This encourages redeployment of squads during the game as they no longer lose out on a full turn of shooting. Certain weapons may not fire after disembarking such as AA weapons at aircraft. 

For the same reason as Open Transports this I feel is really going to open up the game and will be a very large shift for the meta to cope with.


All squads in a building may search for an objective whether they are the occupier or not, although the occupier receives a bonus to their roll. Nearby APCs also provide a bonus to the squad’s roll.

Could this mean I am actually going to start looking at infantry, possibly before I just used to take the bare minimum now however things could be hotting up.


Certain factors now affect a squad’s effectiveness in CQB, receiving more dice for being the occupier or losing dice for searching or shooting that turn. In addition, CQB dice may be distributed more freely to opposing squads of your choice.

Not sure on this one I’d like CQB to be streamlined more, this looks to be adding complexity to the process at the moment.

Collateral Damage

The rolls to resolve Falling Masonry, now named Collateral Damage, have been simplified and reduced to Energy 5. In addition, buildings can no longer be dealt additional damage by weapons without the Demolisher keyword.

So cover has become more covering? A bit of a nerf to the Bombardment plans of some forces but hopefully crushing your opponents infantry in a building is still going to be strong enough to form a valid tactic.


So as you can see there are some wide ranging changes in the proposed changes so far, but hopefully for each perceived nerf there will also be a boost, but on the whole so far its looking very good for a second edition so far, but this is still early doors and there is a long way to go yet.

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