Do you feel Lucky

Well if you play Guild Ball and got the Kick off Starter set then quite possibly.

Today sees the release of the Lucky card so with no further ado.

So let’s look at this from the top, not a huge melee zone, but ok move stats, and a reasonable set of numbers for kicking, I don’t think Lucky will be your go to scorer, but at the same time if he is in the right place could net you a few VP without to much sweat, although tears could follow a failed attempt.

Hitting out with a Tac 5 (that’s five dice in combat), 9 on a charge could see some good damage output, momentous 3 damage from 3 successes, that should be pretty doable even for those like me who have a love hate relationship with your dice! Defence of 4+ with one armour should ensure he stays around to be a continual pain for your opponent.

Character plays are what’s going to get Lucky on the pitch every time I think, if your opponent has the initiative you get 1 free influence at the start of Lucky’s activation and he generates 2 to begin with anyway so stacking it up to 3 and you start to have a versatile player, who thanks to Slieght of Hand can remove conditions as well, now I see this in two ways, one it’s a bit nerfed as only a 4″ range on Slieght of Hand but on the other hand if it had been a bigger aura I think it would be starting to scrape into the bounds of Overpowered.

The one play I am really unsure of is Raise the Stakes, 0 cost is great so I could charge in fluff my combat and dodge back out or sprint, then dodge for 12″ with 6″ kick it’s going to give me a goal threat range of 18″ which is great, the problem is my opponent can choose a player and make a 4″ dodge as well. Now when you make the character play I think your pretty much going to be telegraphing what the end play is going to be, but could you use it to bluff, pull a player out of position. I don’t know but there are options there.

Overall a very interesting and versatile release for the Masons and the Brewers guilds, I think Lucky will become popular for his sheer bestiality if nothing more. Will have to try and get hold of one just to see how mad his character plays can make a game.

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