The Adeptus Mechanicus Project Part II


Part I

Welcome back to part two of the The Adeptus Mechanicus Project, for this update I have managed to build all the models that I bought for the army.

2 Tech Priest Dominus

20 Skitarii Rangers


2 Onager Dunecrawler’s

Finally 2 Kastelan Robots with Datasmith…… but have no heads…..

I will be honest I do not like the standard head parts of the robot so a quick bit of GoogleFoo and I had my answer.

Wargames Exclusive makes some amazing models and conversion parts and they just so happen to make these lovely robot heads

So the models are all built and based, I will do a write up another day on how I go about making my bases for these models.

Here we have the fully built army on display.

Stay tuned for part 3 where I am considering unpacking the airbrush to paint them.


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