Star Wars RPG: Reading the Rolls (Mechanics)

Good day to all you Star Wars and role-playing enthusiasts out there. It’s time for another journey into the hypothetical. Last time we covered Stealth but now I think it’s time to slap on some elbow grease and get our hands dirty. Let’s see just how bad a Mechanics roll can truly be!

I want you to imagine you and your party are stranded on a luscious jungle world, your ship was badly damaged in a dogfight and you’ve concealed it in the fauna. You’ve got just enough time to make repairs before the opposing scouting parties find you. It turns out your shield generator was badly damaged so you’re trying your best to get that sorted as you’ll be torn to pieces without it.

Success Triumph – You fix her up nicely and manage to supercharge the power capacitor meaning that the shield can now survive under much more damage than usual. This could last until the end of the encounter before it starts to run cool again.

Success Advantage – After patching up the shield generator you perform a quick diagnostic and clean of some of the core components. It seems overdue as the shield generator can now survive under slightly more firepower than usual.

Success Disadvantage – It was a grueling task and you’re covered in several forms of grease and oil but you managed to just get the generator working. It’s working at half-strength, but better than nothing, right?

Success Despair – In a fit of frustration you smash your hydrospanner against the bulk of the shield generator and curse loudly. It seems that was what it needed as the shield generator begins to spin up to life. Though, it briefly outputs too much power and puts on a spectacular light show that everyone within 20 kilometers can see. No doubt your position is now well and truly discovered.

Never underestimate the fat-end of a hydrospanner. Especially in the hands of a Wookie…

Fail Triumph – As desperate as your efforts were you simply cannot find where the fault is with the shield generator. You aren’t able to fix it. Fortunately you find a stash of various mechanical components stashed behind the generator  which would likely prove invaluable for fixing other parts of the vessel quickly (though, sadly, nothing for the generator itself).

Fail Advantage – You fail to isolate the issue causing the shield generator to malfunction. However, after spending a bit of time in some of the vents alongside it to try to fix it you find a small stash of credit slates. How did you forget about these?!

Fail Disadvantage – In your attempt to fix the shield generator you have somehow managed to make the situation worse. Your ramshackled tries have damaged components on the equipment and you’ll need to find a professional mechanic before it’ll ever be fully functional again.

Fail Despair – After some tinkering and creative engineering you spin the generator up. All seems to be going your way as it hums beautifully…right up until a loud blare of alarms ring out. The shield generator has blown out the power source of the ship meaning some of your previously working core systems are now no longer working. You know, along with the shield generator.

Maybe it’s best to leave Mechanics checks to the…you know, mechanics? Saying that, having a skilled mechanic in your party can prove exceptionally useful. Be it for fixing your ship or even modifying equipment and weapons.

Check back with us soon for more SWRPG scenarios that may be wonderful or weird or most likely both! As ever you can support us and our content via our Patreon and feel free to follow TabletopGamesUK on Facebook to be kept up to date.

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