Games Workshop Transmission Teaser Video!

Games Workshop are being sneaky and alluring as is their trend as of late.

Posted on the Warhammer Community website titled “Incoming Transmission: B50-AP/78903//M/h” holds a single teaser trailer from an “unknown source”. See it below!

This could not be more vague. The symbol in the video features a skull with a double-headed eagle at its top. This tells me that it is something featured on the Imerium or perhaps simply mankind itself? That combined with the rather edgy skull motif as a whole combined with the industrial audio/visual effects that could be akin to that of a hive world…

Necromunda? Could it be you, old friend? After the success of Shadow War: Armageddon they’d be mad not to take advantage of the demand that players clearly showed for some good ol’ gang warfare!

I gather that seems like quite a reach. However, in the latest White Dwarf readers were quick to point out this little nugget…

Hold onto your gang hats and mohawks, ladies and gents. It’s about to get bumpy…

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