The Adeptus Mechanicus Project


I have played a lot of Warhammer 40k over the years, all the way back to Rogue Trader.  With every edition I ran out to the store to pick up a copy on the day of release, this didn’t happen with the previous edition I played maybe one game of it. I think I fell out of love with the Grim Dark.  That was until the new edition dropped onto the shelves at my local store 6s2hit, a quick look at the rules and I fell back in love with my old flame.

Falling in love was the easy part, I had sold all my 40k armies years ago including 10,000 points of painted Space Wolves.  This left me with a dilemma as I had no army to use, my 30k force is kitted out for playing in the Heresy and doesn’t really fit with the 40k rule set.  I was going to need a new army, but which one?  I mulled over a few ideas including Necrons and Genestealer Cult but these didn’t feel right until I found Adeptus Mechanicus, I had always wanted to build an army of these binary boys but never got round to it.

A quick look around the store and I found myself with Start Collecting! Skitarii box, these start collecting boxes are amazing for £40 I got myself a Tech Priest Dominus to be my HQ, a full squad of Skitarii for the troops and an Onager Dunecrawler for support.  This was great value for money and a strong foundation of my army.  I also picked up a box of Kastelan Robots because they look very cool and finally copies of Imperium 2 so I can figure out what these models do.


A quick hobby session and I had started to build my models, as usual, I have gone mad on the basing as I feel a strong base can make a model pop on the table.  [I am planning to do an article on how I base my models, stay tuned for that] One thing I have to say is that the models are visually stunning and the Dunecrawler kit is, in my opinion, one of the sexiest models from Games Workshop that I have ever built.  I was so impressed with the value of the Start Collecting! box that I went and bought a second one.


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