The Grymkin are nearly here!

The Grymkins are so very nearly here so if you are looking for something new for Privateer Press then have no fear as there is quite a lot coming.

Cast down to the hells of Urcaen by Menoth long ago, the Defiers and their Grymkin armies have risen again to punish the wicked across all of Immoren. Freed by the Old Witch, Zevanna Agha, the Defiers now work toward their own ends. Each is a self-made godlike being who wields uncanny power to reap what is due from the corrupted denizens of Caen. The harvest of the damned will not end so long as the hearts of humankind remain tainted and debased.



We have a new Army Book to look at, now the first thing to note is that there are no stats for any models in there, while with the removal of cards from the blisters is a bit off a double blow, but I think I can safely say they more than make up for it with background and artwork. The Grymkin story starts way back when in the time of the Gods and Menoth some people disobeyed the will of Memnoth, which lets face it will never end well for a mortal, and continues right up to the present day, with lots of background on the fledgling Grymkin forces and there allies.

There are two Theme Forces, Dark Menagerie with big boosts for Gremlin Swarms, and Bump in the Night which gives free attachments and gives Warrior models the Rise special rule which could be very useful.

A four player scenario and two player scenario lend a nice bit of spice to the game whilst a three scenario  campaign rounds out the book to add even more variety to Hordes. The end of the book is dedicated to an amazing gallery of painted miniatures and a few painting schemes which you can use on your own Grymkin forces or draw inspiration from some of the alternative paint schemes.


Overall a nice book whicxh will complete the collection, but the absence of stats for models is a hinderance, which will move this book from must have, to would like!



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