Salt Weathering Technique

As part of my Afrika Korp project I am planning to use salt weathering to give the vehicles a used look, hopefully this will ensure they look like they are not just fresh out of the factory.  I thought I would show you the steps I use in order to achieve this look.

Step 1:  Prepare the vehicle for painting, in this case it is a 1/48 Blitzkrieg Miniatures SDKFZ 7 which I have build and cleaned to ensure there was no release agent on the model.

Step2: I undercoated the model with Games Workshop Chaos Black spray as I find the finish it gives is excellent for my style of painting.

Step 3: I think base coated the model with Humbrol Tank Grey 67 Acrylic spray.

Step 4: I applied water to the areas I felt would have taken wear and tear during combat, I then scatted regular kitchen salt on the wet areas and the salt dries to those parts.

Step 5: I left the model to dry for about 30 minutes to ensure the salt wouldn’t just fall off.  I think sprayed the model with Humbrol Dark Brown 29 Acrylic Spray which will give me a good base coat to work from.

Step 6: I think take a only toothbrush and brush off all the salt which leaves the Panzer Grey showing through, this helps make it look like the vehicle has been sprayed desert colours over its original colour.

I can then continue to paint the model as normal, the end result looks very good as can be seen here on my Panzer Lehr Tiger 1 from my Ardennes German force for Bolt Action.


Afrika Korp Project

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