Rise of the Death Guard Part IV

It was a warm and muggy morning, as is the case here recently in England. The gaming hall within Warhammer World was packed as it usually is with enthusiastic hobbyists eager to roll some dice to either cheer triumphantly or have palm meet face depending on the results they rolled.

Today was the day my Death Guard finally saw some real time on the table. I had set out to have my 50PL Death Guard force take on the silent ferocity of the Primaris Carcharodons, also 50PL.

Here’s how it turned out –

Deployment had both forces deploy in a tri-shaped pattern on their edge of the board whilst a vital piece of undetonated bio-chem device had landed (fortunately) very close to my deployment zone. Whoever was holding the objective by the end of turn five would be the victor. Sadly, the Primaris got to act first…

Turn 1


The Carcharodons begin by bringing down a number of Poxwalkers in a volley of Bolter and Plasma firepower. Thankfully this was all they achieved, seemingly wanting to dig themselves in and shoot the Death Guard off of the objective rather than secure it themselves.

Death Guard

Like a tide of filth the Death Guard marched. Plague Marines step onto the objective and hold it.┬áThe Foetid Bloat Drone zoomed forward, bringing down a couple of Primaris with its Plaguespitters before successfully charging. The battered Poxwalkers manage to pull off an astonishing 12″ charge and start clawing at the Imperial fiends, only to do no damage and instead get stomped into the ground.

Turn 2


Inceptors show up on the flank of the Plague Marines and through a sheer volley of fire manage to cut down two Plague Marines. Supporting fire from the bunkered-up Hellblasters take down another two. Close combat fighting resumes with Primaris characters and Intercessors piling into the Bloat Drone, only for it to make its final Disgustingly Resilient save thanks to a spent Command Point!

Death Guard

The second squad of Poxwalkers trudge forward whilst the Plague Marines, Plaguecaster and Blightbringer pull back to keep that objective safe. Tthe Lord of Contagion teleports down to act as a buffer between the newly arrived Inceptors and the Plague Marines protecting the bomb. The Bloat Drone fails to connect any of its attacks and is destroyed in close combat. It then explodes, taking with it two Intercessors and mortally wounding the Primaris Captain, Librarian and Chapter Ancient all around it!

Turn 3


Intercessors try shooting down the remaining Poxwalkers, wiping them all out save for one. The lone Chaos Spawn is melted into goo by the Hellblasters before it gets a chance to charge. The Inceptors dash their way around and shoot one of the Noxious Blightbringers to pieces in a mass-fire of bolter rounds. The remaining Intercessors charge and smash the lone Poxwalker.

Death Guard

Every single Death Guard model hides behind anything they can. It’s now a case of simply surviving for which the Death Guard are renowned. If they can survive until the end of the fifth turn victory is theirs!

Turn 4


A terrifying mass of grey advances towards to the Death Guard in a mad dash to try and alleviate them of their explosive prize. The Librarian tries to Smite the remaining Noxious Blightbringer only to be denied by the nearby Plaguecaster. The Captain successfully charges into the Blightbringer and brings him down swiftly.

Death Guard

The remaining Death Guard, bar the Plague Marines, now all charge into the nearest Carcharodons they can with the desire of keeping them tied up. The Plaguecaster storms into remaining Intercessors and manages to slay them with his Corrupted Staff, consolidating into a nearby fight. The Captain then brings down the Plaguecaster with ease.

Turn 5

The Carcharodons player realises that he cannot get to the bomb by the end of the combat and concedes. Victory to the XIV Legion!


Thanks to a lucky deployment pick via the Open War cards along with a fortunate placement of the objective, the Death Guard were born for this role. Grabbing an objective, getting somewhere safe and sitting on it for as long as they needed to. The Hellblasters were devastating so getting away from them was key to survivability whilst ensuring as many things as possible got stuck into close combat as early as they could in order to slow down the Imperial advance.

Warhammer 40K 8th edition flows very, very nicely. This game which equated to about 1000 points a-side lasted a couple of hours at most. The combat was fluid, the shooting and psychic phases were satisfying and using the character buffs/auras on your units is invaluable and strategic leaving you considering carefully how far things should move away from them.

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