Tales of an Under Average Painter: Part 3

Now finally getting around to writing the 3rd in my Tales of an Under Average Painter, which has been more miss than hit since it started so my apologies there.

One of the reasons is there has just been so much going on but more about that next week. So with the guys doing lots of new things I am trying to reign in my addiction for shiney newness and concentrate on Shiney Mt Leadpile that has built up over the last month and a half off craziness, it really doesn’t help when a local store has an outstanding sale!

So firstly as you may have noticed I have jumped back in bed with everyone’s favourite mistress Games Workshop. I tried, I really did try and avoid the massive buy in that would be needed to get going in a manner of my own devising, I nearly succeeded as well. But instead I will be getting new bits in as current bits get painted, instead off all at once.

My Interrogator Chaplain, possibly one of my favourite models in any GW ranges. Added to which each week in the Kador campaign you get bonus points for getting models and having them painted, now seems as it starts on Thursday I very much doubt I am going to be getting any bonus points for the Imperium but its worth a try.

As you may have seen here I am off to a tournament for Guild Ball as a player for a change so it’s time to dust of The Union as they are coming to a pitch real soon, so I am determined to go with a fully painted rather average looking team, although I am going to have to find the Union Goal token that I brought a few months ago.

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