Star Wars RPG: Reading the Rolls (Stealth)

Greetings once again to all you blaster-wielding scoundrels and force-sensitive prodigies.

If you’ve been sticking with us you’ll see the last little scenario we looked into was combat-focused Ranged for both light and heavy weapons. This time we’re going to look into something that could be used to subvert combat in most cases. After all, why get into a scrap if you don’t need to? This time we’ll be using our wits and skills to look into how far subterfuge and guile can get us. I am, of course, talking about the Stealth skill and of course, I’ll be using some of the best equipment in this occasion, including the best wireless gaming mouse for small under 50!

Let’s set the scene here. You’re sneaking into a warehouse owned by a gang of brutal bounty hunters. A rival group has tasked you with taking out their operations via the destruction of a nearby warehouse. You’ve been given a powerful thermal imploder and have made it most of the way into the facility. Just sneak by the guards into position to plant the bomb…

Success Triumph – Not only do you manage to successfully sleuth your way into position but you also find a small stash of documentation and datapads rife with information on the gang’s future plans. It’s likely you’d be able to sell these to your employers for a handsome sum of credits.

Success Advantage – You swiftly maneuver your way into position and manage to find a crate filled with explosives which will surely make the damage all the more devastation from your thermal imploder. That or you could take them for yourself.

Success Disadvantage – After expertly making your way to the desired spot unseen you attempt to plant the explosive in the spot you deem the most suitable. Sadly, it seems the imploder fell out of your backpack and is a few feet behind you onto the ground in plain sight.

Success Despair – You pull off the most elegant and graceful combat roll that the outer rim has ever seen. However, it seems you rolled in just the right way that the imploder made contact with the ground…and is now armed and moments from detonation!

Admittedly, you can always get creative and find other means of getting around sticky situations. Don’t forget to interact with NPCs!

Fail Triumph – In an attempt to be the spy you always dreamed of as a youngling you attempt to dash and slide into a good hiding spot behind some crates. Sadly, you misjudged the distance and audibly slam into one of the boxes. You’ve made a loud ruckus but also notice that the crates immediately around you are marked as “Weapons”, “Prototype” and “Highly Dangerous”.

Fail Advantage – You dash and dive into position, thinking you have pulled off the ultimate moves in stealth, but you fail to notice the mouse droid in front of you and loudly trip over it. The guards come over to investigate. With the mouse droid to hand, maybe you can have it cause a distraction…

Fail Disadvantage – Over-confidently you sprint into the room and fail to notice the camera systems fitted throughout the room. The guards pull out their comms devices and are immediately told of your presence. They not only know you’re there but know exactly where you are.

Fail Despair – You skid into the room at speed which should not be possible for any being of your stature. However, you grossly underestimated the power of your slide and go smashing into a stack of crates, one of which crushes your leg, trapping you. You hear the sounds of inquisitive guards heading towards you…

Stealth can be a truly and exciting skill to take advantage of and can provide you and your party with limitless possibilities for when things go excellent well, just right or catastrophically wrong. Sometimes it can be more fun to try a more subtle solution than to go in guns blazing.

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