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Captain on Bridge! As you where cadets!

I recently had a the chance to chat with Sam Web of Mordiphius Entertainment about the exciting upcoming Star Trek Adventures Roleplaying Game and what is down the line for the future of this excellent looking enterprise (no pun intended, well maybe).  Mordiphius Entertainment have a proven track record for delivering amazing looking, high quality roleplaying and board games and have licenses for some very big names such as Thunderbirds, Mutant Chronicles, Conan, Dust Adventures and Infinity to name but a few.  Last year it was announced that they had secured the Holy Grail of gaming licenses Star Trek and that a roleplaying game would be warping its way to us during 2017.

Star Trek has had many different incarnations of roleplaying games over the years, from the mid eighties with Star Trek by FASA, to Last Unicorns excellent version, which led into more or less a reboot of the same game by Decipher Games.  Add to that Taskforce Games Star Trek inspired game Prime Directive (with the second edition being written by a really good friend of mine Mr Timothy D Olsen), and there have been many pages of information for games to get stuck into.  Star Trek as a television show was always about setting aside petty differences and rising up to challenges, be it meeting new lifeforms or exploring strange alien worlds, but over the years its been quite difficult to capture the essence of what Star Trek really was about.  FASA (reprinted in the UK by Games Workshop in the late 80s!) had an excellent system with their game , which even spawned an awesome Star Ship Combat Simulator which really was one of the best ever space combat games!

Now we come zooming into the new millennium and with it a totally new approach to what it takes to let your players boldly go!  So without further ado, lets chat with Sam Web about Star Trek Adventures!

TTGUK: Hi Sam thanks for taking the time out of your hectic schedule to chat with us at Tabletop Games UK. You guys must be pretty stoked with the upcoming launch of Star Trek Adventures a game that looks to be the definitive Star Trek roleplaying game of all time.

SW: It’s just incredible – a dream for both Chris Birch and I who both grew up on various versions of Star Trek. Chris grew up with Captain Kirk, and I grew up sat next to my dad watching the exploits of Captains Picard, Sisko and Janeway! And we’ve had such amazing feedback from the community already, a lot of people saying this is already a definitive edition of the roleplaying game in terms of book design and game design. We’re really proud.

TTGUK: How did you get involved with the project?

SW: Interestingly enough I was only working as Chris’ (Chris Birch main man at Mordiphius Entertainment and one of the hardest working guys in the industry!) publishing assistant when Star Trek Adventures was in early development but it quickly became apparent that it needed a lot more hands on development so I stepped into the role. It’s been a rollercoaster, and my first RPG work, so I’m still learning but Chris is always on hand for advice and guidance.

TTGUK: The game covers both the classic (TOS) Kirk era and the Next Generation era (TNG) of Trek, rather than just one specific timeline. Was this a conscious idea?

SW: We didn’t want to release several books covering each era, though the interesting bit of feedback we have had from fans is that they’d like “more support for the Original Series and Enterprise eras”! The game itself can cater for any mission in any of the Star Trek eras and we’ve included artwork from all of those time frames. For fans who still want to see some Original Series love, all I’m going to say is wait and see what we’re developing next…!

TTGUK: Can you tell us a little about the mechanics behind the game?

SW: The game uses our own 2d20 system that is essential a “roll under” game system that requires a number of successes to complete a task. A player will typically roll two d20s looking for a score on each that’s equal to, or under, their target number (which is a combination of a character’s Attribute and Discipline). Each of those scores a success, with 1 to 5 successes needed to complete a task successfully, depending on the difficulty. Any successes in excess of the requirement generate ‘Momentum’, that can be spent to do lots of cool things or saved for the group to use later.

TTGUK: Along with the main rules pre-orders for Star Trek Adventures you have some exciting looking Star Trek miniatures, I’m sure our readers would love to know more about them.

SW: They’re all unique sculpts, in 32mm resin, of the crews of the Enterprise NCC-1701, Enterprise-D, a Klingon war band and a Romulan strike team. Then later we’ll be releasing an Away Team set – which is more generic versions of the key alien species (as well as humans) and gives role players their own figures for the tabletop. We’re also releasing a villains set – with some alternate poses that appear exclusively in the Borg cube collector’s edition boxed set. Lore, Data’s brother, has already been revealed and others will be unlocked for every 500 pre-orders we get!

Here is a quick look at each of the four sets of miniatures

And a quick look at the limited edition Lore miniature

TTGUK: With the initial four sets announced already, can we expect to see other sets such as The Borg or other famous crew characters from Voyager or Deep Space Nine?

SW: Yeah, we’ve also got plans for Deep Space Nine and Voyager crews, as well as other alien antagonists. The Borg, Cardassians, the Dominion… they’re all planned.

TTGUK: How do the miniatures fit in with the game itself. Is there a connection to the floor tiles?

SW: Absolutely. I always prefer playing an RPG with miniatures, and the geomorphic game tiles tie it all together – of course you don’t need them to play the RPG. Our first set, the Next Generation Starfleet Tile Set gives you rooms and corridors of a Federation starship, while other sets that are being planned will give you alien ships and planets to explore and fight on. For role play gamers they’re for conflict encounters and for war gamers we’re going to be developing a stripped back set of the RPG rules so you can play quick miniature battles alongside the roleplaying game.

TTGUK: When Star Trek Adventures was announced last year, it was with great delight that we found out that a miniatures game would be released to support the roleplaying game itself. How far along are you with this? Is it taking a militaristic stance given the poses of some of the amazing miniatures?

SW: It’s not strictly a miniatures game, but a refinement of the RPG rules, so you can play games repelling Klingon boarding parties or Borg assimilations! It’s still in development with the aim to bring it out as a chapter of our Operations Division supplement.

TTGUK: Are there plans for space ships like the USS Enterprise and maybe even a space combat game?

SW: No, you can already buy Attack Wing for that!

TTGUK: Finally can you settle the question of the ages? Who would win in a fight Kirk or Picard?

SW: Janeway. She destroyed the Borg! Come on guys, get with it.

TTGUK: My money was on Sisko but then again.  Thanks again for taking the time out of a really hectic schedule to chat with us here at Tabletop Games UK Sam.  Best of luck with the launch and we looking forward to getting our hands on it soon.

SW: My pleasure!


Star Trek Adventures is available for Pre-order from Mordiphius Entertainment right now and there are several varaitions you can go for.  The is the stand alone PDF which will give you access right away to the core rules of the game.  The hardback version of the game, the collectors version of the game with a variant cover and a special folded map of the Alpha and Beta Quadrants, the starter bundle which comes with the hardback rules, map and a GM screen as well as your choice of the special d20 dice.  Add to this the PDF bundle and you will get everything at the touch of a button on your smart phone or tablet or other electronic medium of choice.





If  you really want to splash out though there is also the amazing Borg Cube edition of the game that is packed to the seams with extras, including one of each of those amazing 32mm resin minatures (Federation, Romulan, Klingon, TOS) dice, counters, the GM screen, maps, laminated play aids, a limited edition miniature of Lore and loads more stuff.  Add to this a KRMiniatures case to keep everything neat and tidy and you have one of the single best looking gaming products in the history of roleplaying.  A slightly less expensive version of the cube is also available with the Drone Cube.  Details on how to order the products are to be found in the links provided.




A full review will be with you as soon as possible, and my many thanks to Sam for taking the time out to chat with us.  Until then in the words of the immortal ‘Q’

“Nothing reveals Humanity so well as the games it plays.” 

Live long and roll high.

Marc Farrimond

All images copyright Modiphius Entertainment 2017 used for promotional use only, all rights reserved.

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