Warhammer 40k- Long Live the 1st Legion

As Kenny has a massive one box and a few weeks of painting up on me in getting his Dark Imperium box ready, I may have made two mistakes this week, the first was to challenge his filthy pus filled army to a game and the second was starting to debate what chapter to collect!

So there really is no debate to be had I have always loved the lore behind the 1st Legion, The Dark Angels, so its here that I am starting again from scratch as I sold off all my stuff from my 6th edition army, its great to see that I am not the only returning player to 8th edition, so where does my army stand at the moment, well I have the Dark Imperium Box set, the Nurgle half of which I am swapping out to get some of the Horus Herasy marines and terminators, I have also got a Guantlet box set and a start collecting Space Marines set along with the Interrogator Chaplain, hopefully I will have a second set of Dark Imperium as well soon which will give me a nice solid back bone of troops.

So currently my army looks like this

Built and Undercoated


Captain in Gravis Armour

2 Primaris Lieutenants

Interigator Chaplain

Captain in terminator Armour


2 Intercessor Squads

Fast Attack

Inceptor Squad

Heavy Support

Hellbalster Squad



Dedicated Transport


Still to be built 2 Tactical squads

So I am a bit heavy on HQ units, with many more left to buy as I am hoping to run a librarius again, troops are ok not a huge quantity but the start of a solid base of an army, Elites and Fast attacks I am missing all off the trademark Deathwing and Ravenwing units but I am looking to add to this army monthly and take it reasonably steadily through 8th edition and hopefully end up with a full company of space marines, ideally a full 1st company of Deathwing as well! I will keep you up to date with how the painting is coming on but as I want to take part in the worldwide campaign that starts later this month, I am going to have to get a move on with my painting, at least at the moment I have the base layers down for the Chaplain.

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