Firefight: The Plague

I have finally managed to get my first game of Firefight in, now I have been up until now very dismissive of Firefight instead concentrating on Deadzone and trying to get my Warpath Army sorted and ready for the field, all I can say is what a mistake I have made!

A while ago I talked about Plague in Deadzone and still enjoy playing them, but what I thought was going to be my Enforcers first outing at Aftermath Games playing Warpath, rapidly downgraded to my Plagues first outing in Firefight. One thing I hadn’t realised was that I could take more than one Plague Stage 1a in Firefight so I am going to redo my list for my next game, but here is the list I took.

1st Gen



4 Leapers

3 Leapers

3rd Gen squad – leader – HMG – 2 Beasts

3rd Gen squad – leader – flame thrower – 2 beasts

3rd Gen Squad – Leader – Grenade Launcher

15 Plague Zombies

15 Plague Zombies


Now whilst not a brilliant list, nor even a very well optimised list, it was made on the fly with very little notice and 0 playing experience of Firefight the only thing I knew about my opponent is that he knows the rules very well, he likes his enforcers, and he also likes his flyer! With the plague being plague the only real hope I felt I had against the flyer was a Polaris Strider but turns out that the burst laser could possibly have done the job as well but with a few more shots on target which could enable more than one hit in the entire game! In fact I did that much damage to the Accuser I could have just ignored it and took more boots on the ground, not that I had another 225 points of troops available. The Accusser however did manage to take out my Stage 1 Plague Monster, which was a bit off a disappointment, but did take two turns of shooting to happen.

So during the game, nearly quarter off my army got chewed up by incoming fire from the Enforcers and I thought I was on the highway to a massive beating, my shooting phases saw one maybe two enforcers removed from the game each turn whilst the return fire seemed to be taking a model or two off each round of shooting. Losing my Abomination of the left flank hurt really bad as it meant I had to move my Stage one across the board to use any of the plague special rules.After a few turns of weathering the storm I managed to get some troops into battle, and once that happened boy did the tables turn, the mass rate of casualties I was knocking out in close combat was staggering, I knew the plague were good up close and personal but I didn’t realise just how good they were!


All in I ended up with a win but at times I was beginning to wonder if I could pull something out of the bag. For a first game I really enjoyed it, at 1200 points for plague you still need a lot off troops so I wouldn’t class it as a skirmish game but its not quite on the level of warpath for model numbers, but it still flows really well and the rules are for te most part easy to pick up and remember and special rules are just as easily forgotten in the heat of battle, like how every stage 3 plague squad had a leader that gives them rerolls in certain situations, I got so caught up in the game that I clean forgot about the upgrades I had brought!


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