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Now for something different, during the last so many years, probably since I was about 17 I have dabbled in a game called Beyong the Stellar Empire, which is now just called Phoenix.

So whats Phoenix all about, well for a start its not a tabletop game but an online browser based RPG where players take control of space ships, star bases and various other positions that are available to play.

There are large and small factions that players can join and there are also various races that a player can ‘become’ now admittedly Phoenix isn’t every bodies cup of tea and it does have a steep learning curve, but there are plenty of players who are on hand to help out ‘newbies’ and the Game Moderator Mica is on on hand for most of the day to help out, when he isn’t trying to unfold the myriad of possibilities from player special actions.

Why would I recommend this game, well its deeply immersive and the fact that you can do anything is absolutely great, war fine, explore awesome, trade just as good, build things essential, this is a game that really can cater to almost every taste with ease and if you team up with people whose game style matches yours you can really excel at doing everything or just doing your own little thing, there is no righ tor wrong way to play, just be prepared to find someone that will disagree with you or start a fight with you IN CHARACTOR as there are just some players who play like that, out of charactor there isn’t really a bad apple among the current crop of players some of whom have been around a very long time.


To give you a clue of some of the things you can do, this week I have been campaigning to get myself installed in a playerless aff to try and prevent a war, although postpone would probablbly be more accurate as its going to happen sooner or later as the DEN (large wolf like alien species) don’t really like the humans (yes you can play as humans as well), and a war is never to far from the surface of the political side of the game. But other aspects of the game include trading, which can take up a lot of time, exploration, almost a fun side game, and building a starbase which is where you can mke a lot of in game currency and items.


Its free to start playing so its easy to pop in and have a look to see whats going on, you never know you might actually enjoy it!

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