Star Wars RPG: Reading the Rolls (Ranged Light and Heavy)

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We’ve been doing some hypothetical scenarios for Medicine and Cool skill checks up to now. You’re getting the hang of it, I’m sure, but if you’re new then welcome to this series on the Star Wars  RPG dice results suggestions! Now we’ve dipped our toes a little bit I think we can move onto something that’s going to be a little more exciting. Whether you’re armed with an E11 blaster rife, a slugthrower pistol or even a cheekily hidden holdout blaster, you’re going to want to ensure you’ve packed plenty of points into your Ranged skill/s! Light Ranged adheres more towards pistols and smaller weapons whereas Heavy is sensibly tangled towards your larger rifles and other devastating weaponry.

When you make these rolls you’re determining whether you’re hitting with the weapon and then how much damage you inflict based on how many successes you get in your dice roll. Below are a few possible outcomes in which your players (or your characters if you are a player) could find themselves. Let’s land ourselves into the boots of a player character who is trying to let off a sneaky blaster shot onto an unsuspecting bounty; a lowly merchant with an unpaid debt. Taking them out in one clean shot before trying to slink away into the shadows.

Success Triumph – Your shot lands cleanly into the back of the mark’s head. He is instantly brought low and snuffed out! Not only that but the shot rang out at the instant a generator nearby overpowered and blew out. Your shot was neither seen nor heard and you can head off undetected.

Success Advantage – You pull the trigger and manage to land a shot on your victim. Just as you duck away behind cover to conceal yourself a large freighter positions itself between you and your target, meaning you’re temporarily hidden. At this point the number of successes rolled would determine the total damage and whether the target was killed.

Success Disadvantage – You manage to land a hit on your target, whether they are killed outright or not once again depends on the number of successes. However, a bystander saw you take the shot and is causing a scene. You can expect company any minute from the local authorities.

Success Despair – The target is squarely hit by your blaster shot. Once again the number of successes will determine the amount of damage dealt. However, a nearby stormtrooper saw the whole thing unfold and his squad are rushing towards you. Let’s hope your aim is still good…

Firefights can be a core part of combat in SWRPG. Especially if you have trigger-happy player characters always spoiling for a fight.

Fail Triumph – You fail to hit the target, but your blaster bolt lands on a parked speeder bike beside them and blows up! The target is sent hurtling to the ground unconscious and calamity ensues with everyone nearby panicking over the explosion. Perhaps this is the second chance you need…

Fail Advantage – Your shot goes wide of the target and hits inches away from a nearby civilian. This civilian seems to think the shot came from your target and starts trying to rough him up. This could be an opportune moment to take advantage of some chaos.

Fail Disadvantage – Possibly due to a shaky hand or your blaster being on the blink again the shot somehow misses completely. The shot rings out and not only does the target see you but so does everyone else nearby. How are you going to get out of this one with everyone watching you?!

Fail Despair – You pull the trigger and there’s a bright flash burning into your eyes and searing pain in your hand. Your favourite and trusty blaster overloads and blows up in your grasp! Not only are you down a weapon but it is incredibly likely those nearby heard or saw the commotion.

Of course, performing Ranged checks in combat are likely to happen so not every situation or outcome need be quite this complex. A simple miss can suffice for a fail or critically wounding a character should you score a Triumph in your roll! It’s also worth noting that the type of enemy (Minion, Rival and Nemesis) can determine whether your critical success outright kills your target or simply does a lot of damage.

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