Warhammer 40,000 Index: Imperium 1

Warhammer 40,000 Index: Imperium 1

A Warhammer 40,000 Supplement

Games Workshop

Warhammer 40,000 is a bastion of miniature games, having been around for thirty years now, and one of the most played tabletop games in the history of the hobby.  It is a true testament to the creators of the game the stalwart old guard Games Workshop, that a game which is now that is in its fourth decade is still as popular now; perhaps even more so, and shows little signs of letting up.

To celebrate its thirtieth anniversary, Games Workshop has recently released a whole new version of the game with the release of Warhammer 40,000 8th Edition, available as both a starter box Dark Imperium or as a standalone book.  Normally previous releases of Warhammer 40,000 (hereafter 40K) have been supplemented by a whole slew of add ons to allow players to field their chosen forces, these codices give the player all the information for units and tactics for their army, as well as background fluff and information on the races or factions and their place within the 40k universe.

With the release of 8th Edition however we see Games Workshop going down a different path and rather than releasing individual books for each race or faction such as a dozen or so for the Adeptus Astartes (Space Marines) we are now given the rules for each faction in a collected volume known as Indexes. These books present the rules for the models, units and characters from each faction, along with army lists to use in the game.  Gone are the pages and pages of fluff and background flavour text, instead you get a bare basics of each faction broken down to its raw bones.

Index: Imperium 1 features army lists for the iconic figureheads of the 40k universe, the Space Marines and contains everything needed to field your Space Marine army, just not one particular Chapter either, but army list details for generic chapters (such as Ultramarines and their successor chapters) as well as full rules for all the chapters listed below

  • Blood Angels
  • Dark Angels
  • Death Watch
  • Grey Knights
  • Legion of the Damned
  • Space Wolves

Each chapter is given its own rules and their place in the new streamlined version of 40k, and includes a lot of impressive photos of studio miniatures, all exquisitely painted to the highest standard that most of us can only ever dream of being able to aspire to.

After a very brief overview of what Space Marines are and how they are organised, the supplement wastes very little time in getting stuck into the meat of the matter and presenting the armies, all ready to be used to fight against the enemies of the Imperium in the grim dark future!

Each of the various chapters and spin off successor chapters is given roughly a page of background information and then its down to the lists, with each featuring all the units available for each army, such as heavy support or fast attack; and any special rules that they may have.  Much like Age of Sigmar which the new edition follows quite closely in some aspects, key words that are vital to the force are written in bold type so that they stand out from the rest of the text.

Many units seem to have changed very little over the transition to the new system and will play like their old version counterparts for the most part, but some new rules do make some units extremely tough to take out (already hard in the previous edition Roboute Gulliman is now devastating in close combat).

As mentioned above, this book and the others in the Index range are all bare bones and if you are looking for pages and pages of background information, painting guides and such, sadly those are not to be found here!  Rules are given for chapter specific traits such as for the Blood Angels or Space Wolves and also over thirty characters for various chapters are presented for use, along again with their special rules.  It was interesting to see that many of the characters are presented either mounted or unmounted.

The final portion of the book is given over to the point’s values and wargear costs for each chapter or faction to allow for tournament or matched play games as well as a section on how to make your forces, including blank roster sheets.

All in all this is a perfect start to the new edition and even includes details of  the new units found in the Dark Imperium boxed set such as the Primaris marines, though without their background fluff.  This Index is the first for the Imperium and followed by a second volume that allows you to field the rest of the Imperial army.

Layout is clear and concise as one would expect from a company with the track record of Games Workshop and the artwork and images used throughout are excellent.  A high page count of over two hundred and twenty pages and in full colour, gives us a very weighty tome and for its low price is excellent value for money.


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