Star Wars RPG: Reading the Rolls (Medicine)

Hello again, Force-sensitives and blaster brains!

Let’s keep this space train a-rollin’. We’ve covered a few skill checks but let’s look into one now that is all about helping those in need. Let’s put on our surgical gloves and dig into some Medicine skill shenanigans. Medicine is, unsurprisingly enough, about curing physical ailments other characters may be suffering. Be it some cuts and scrapes after a rough climb up a cliff edge or a totally crippled limb after a firefight went south!

As in our Athletics and Cool discussion, let’s get a scenario on the go. An imperial officer lies on the ground before you, wincing and writhing in agony. He’s taken a vicious stabbing from an assassin whom you interrupted before they could finish the job. This officer has vital information you need and so it is imperative that he lives! Bust out the bacta and let’s see what could happen…

Success Triumph – You perform medical mastery on the imperial officer! You stop the bleeding, seal the wound and he is even able to walk. He’s so thankful for your help he’s willing to give you any information you wish with no questions asked.

Success Advantage – You patch up the wounded officer and manage to stop him from losing any further blood. He’s stable and somewhat grateful for your help. He might be a little forthcoming regarding your information, but you should still be cautious.

Success Disadvantage – After a short time and some touch-and-go moments, you close the wound and can assess that the officer will survive. However, he has passed out from his injuries. How can you possibly get the information you need now?

Success Despair – The officer will most definitely live to fight rebels another day. However you were so focused on fixing his wounds you let your guard down. As soon as the surgery is over and you’re composing yourself you hear the familiar charge of a blaster pistol’s power pack. Turns out the officer isn’t all that grateful…

Medicine can be a vital skill for you and your party. Lest you become one with the Force too soon…

Fail Triumph – You tried your best, but sadly were unable to help the officer who succumbs to his wounds. However, in his hand you notice he has a holo-disc clutched in his fingers. Who’s willing to bet there’s some valuable imperial intelligence on that thing?

Fail Advantage – After grueling surgery the officers heartbeat stops and you realise there’s nothing more you could do. Disappointing, but the officer did have an ID card on him that should get you into some of the nearby facilities. Could be good to gather intel or other useful items against the Empire.

Fail Disadvantage – The bleeding was simply too much, you never stood a chance under such a strenuous situation. As you quickly gather your things to leave the comms device in the officers pocket starts to beep. You hear a voice “Officer Trell, the stormtrooper escort is on the way, they’ll be with you shortly.”

Fail Despair – Not long into the procedure the officer goes limp and is defeated by his wounds. As soon as you realise this the door beside you opens and a stormtrooper is horrified to find his commanding officer slumped down bearing an obvious a stab wound with you covered in blood in front of him….

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