Blood and Plunder: No Peace Beyond the Line

Firelock Games is launching their Kickstarter June 21st for the expansion to Blood & Plunder, No Peace Beyond the Line, with a large-scale addition of brand-new models alongside an expansive book to encompass the remainder of the seventeenth century.

Brand new content will include:

New Book
The No Peace Beyond the Line expansion book contains new information as well as a massive update to all the existing nationalities. Along with this update, you’ll find we’ve added more historic leaders, additional playable factions, new unit types, previously unseen scenarios, rules for larger games, campaign rules, and much more. Expect an expansion as large and as wide-ranging as the rulebook to enlighten players about the Blood and Plunder universe from 1600-1700. And atop our new offerings, you can expect plenty of Kickstarter treasure in the form of rewards like a never-before-seen female miniature and, if we reach our stretch goals, special civilian characters, a mystery vessel, and much more loot!

Starter Boxes…

The new Dutch Nationality Box will be the same size and scope as all previously released nationalities — 25 miniatures, including one commander, and one unit card. Our Native Caribbean Nationality Box will be styled similarly, featuring varied unit types. Fear not! We have plenty of historical material for the Native Caribbeans. Also, many units from both starter boxes will be usable as allies with the other nationalities!

… Militia and sea support boxes
Cavalry, European soldiers, gun crew, and field artillery are riding in as Militia Support. These new pieces will be usable by all land forces of the English, French, Spanish and Dutch nationalities.
And we wouldn’t forget to supply our seafarers with support either. Expect entire gun crews as well as sailors carrying muskets, explosives, or blunderbusses — all usable by the English, French, Spanish, Unaligned and Dutch nationalities. In addition to being able to support your existing faction , the militia and the sea support box will function as separate complete factions as well within the nationalities .They can be their own military force or band of late 17th century pirates! A lot of flexibility for your forces will be available.

What You’ve All Been Waiting For
This Kickstarter will also feature a Kickstarter-limited model (who will be available through this campaign and limited events after). She’s a free reward to be included in most pledge levels. This female pirate/sailor represents the daring women who disguised themselves as men and took to the high seas for adventure. She’s a competent seafarer who may be substituted for any equally armed model.

And New Ships!

And last, but far from least, we have what everyone has asked for: new ships! This includes our first four-deck ship, the massive Galleon. We also have a Dutch favorite (to accompany those new Dutch characters), the Fluyte. And of course, we couldn’t leave out our much-loved Native Caribbeans, who introduced the Piragua to be used by themselves and pirates alike!

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