Sarissa Scenery: Test of Honour Shop

Whilst at Warlord HQ a few months ago I picked up (literally) the only piece of Test of Honour scenery they had in stock which was the Shop, I know the irony of buying a shop in a shop isn’t lost on me.

Stock Image from Sarissa Precision

Now being the only building in sight I kind of took pity on it and brought it on a whim as my scenery collection is mildly pitiful, and I thought it would make a change to do something different, I have done a few MDF kits before but this one was so easy I could have built an entire village in the length of time it took to make half of another kit (which still hasn’t been finished yet), the instructions are very clear and easy to follow and everything is cut so well that it all fits together snugly,

I laughed hearing the updates from Jez when he was building his Pagoda, because for one I am an evil boss and it looked so fiddly at one point I am sure Jez said the words ‘never again’, this kit however is much simpler to put together as its all MDF none of that grey board stuff to content with, I will be stealing some of Jez ides for paints though as he seems to know what he is talking about. All in hopefully with a half decent paint job this will be a nice start to my Japanese themed scenery to use for games like Test of Honour and Bushido.

There is plenty of details etched into the wood such as panels and roof tiles, the interior is accessed by removing the roof which for ease of use comes off in two parts, I am still a bit unsure of how to fit the doors but I am sure something will jump out at me whilst I am painting it.

All in the build was really quick and easy to slap it all together, personally PVA glue is a pet hate of mine but in this case a necessity born of using wood. I would strongly recommend Sarissa Kits I have three now in the process of being painted and another one will be on the way once the replacement instructions have turned up, and in the next few months when I start looking at getting some demo tables turned out I will leaning heavily towards Sarissa to make the table look awesome.

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