Re-enforcements for my Normandy Commandos?

When I started playing Bolt Action I went with a very specialised list, late war Normandy Commandos, now part of their list is that they can take Paras, and the Red Devils have had some re-enforcement so I am left wondering whether to get some new blood in my force.

The British Airborne keep their wheels turning with the new British Airborne Jeep & Trailer

In addition to normal Jeeps, the airborne forces at Arnhem were supplied with special Recce Jeeps, fitted with single or twin Vickers machine guns that’s an awful lot of pain to be throwing out from a very cheap unit.



Using speed as it’s main offensive and defensive tool, this recce Jeep is able to become a threat to any undefended target. Use the jeep to hunt down auxiliary and support units such as FOO teams, Lieutenants and immobile weapon teams.

Cost: 28pts (inexperienced), 35pts (Regular), 42pts (Veteran).
Weapons: 1 forward facing Vickers MMG.
Damage value: 6+ (Soft Skin).
Options: May upgrade to twin forward-facing MMGs for +10pts
Special Rules: Recce


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