Warhammer 40K 8th Edition – Building a List

Oh man, the air is getting heavy and the anticipation is thick! Either it’s the wait for 8th edition to drop or good ol’ Nurgle is making himself known.

Or, dare I say, it could be both?! Let’s have a gander and see how roster/list-building will seem to work in Warhammer 40K 8th Edition. What better example to use than the disgusting new models from the Dark Imperium box set?

The Warhammer Community website already showed off some example rosters for Dark Eldar which can be found here. I was curious and wanted to see how this all weighed up for another faction and figured a good starting point would be some of the new Death Guard models coming alongside the launch of  8th Edition. If that’s news to you then feel free to check out our article here.

You can see the example below. It’s based on the “Patrol” detachment as shown in the Dark Eldar article linked previously. This is for a smaller-sized game, requiring a core of one HQ and a single Troop choice, though it’s very likely you’d want to take a bit more than just that! Typically you could start at 1000 points but, of course, not all of the points costs are available just yet. Thankfully I was able to scramble together some information, enough to build a small list just shy of 500 points.

Here you can see how your rosters could look in 8th Edition.

You start by naming your roster and determining the “type”; in this case as stated it is a Patrol. You then start writing out your units. Your typical and trusty battlefield roles remain (HQ, Troops, Fast Attack, etc) but points work a little differently now. Each model has a point cost based on what unit it represents, you then multiply this by the number of models in the squad and can then opt for wargear which will usually add to the tally. This is the comfortable and familiar system for most people who have played 40K for some years now be it in tournaments or friendly games with fellow-war gamers.

However, there’s the new Power Rating system. Each unit has a Power Rating rating which is less granular and better for players who may just want to play as soon as possible. For instance, a unit of 10 Poxwalkers costs 3 Power, should my opponent have units with the same Power (conveniently available on the datasheet for each unit) then we know those units are fairly similar in terms of effectiveness. This means you could build a list within a minute or two for those who just want to roll dice and slaughter their opponents without whipping out loads of pen and paper. I can certainly see the appeal but think that I will, for the most part, stick with the more granular points system as it is familiar to me and allows me to tailor my list with more detail.

List building itself is eerily familiar and yet subtly different. It’s worth remembering with new rules in the game such as models in units being able to fire at different enemies with different weapons, you have even more things to consider when deciding what you’ll use to decimate your opponent. I foresee we’ll no longer see a spam of melta guns or plasma guns across the board. Being able to diversify and have squads with “a bit of everything” seems more viable than ever at this point.

What sort of lists do you want to start building as soon as the new edition drops? Will you be maintaining your old, faithful list of Thunderwolf Cavalry with Storm Shields and Hammers? Or will you dare to try something new and different to match suit with the shiny new rules? Let us know your thoughts!

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