Star Wars RPG: Reading the Rolls (Cool)

Hello again, readers.

Last time we covered the possible outcomes of successful and not-so-successful rolls for Athletics checks. This time we’re focusing more on keeping our heads and our wits about us, whether it be in the face of inevitable combat or how we cope under pressure. This time, we look into what could happen should we keep or lose our Cool.

A Cool check is made to determine the combat order (think rolling Initiative in other RPGs) providing the character is expecting/prepared for combat. For instance, it’s fair to say Han Solo passed his Cool check in the Mos Eisley Cantina against Greedo!

Now, let’s conjure up a situation. Let’s say that a player character is being potentially coerced by a Hutt via a comms panel into submitting his or her weapons before being permitted to enter his mighty palace.

Success Triumph – Not only do you keep your cool, convincing the Hutt that you’ll be keeping hold of your weapons but the Hutt allows you in and offers you a contract/job! A job that only a character so bold and unwavering could undertake with a reward to be just as fitting.

Success Advantage – You convince the Hutt that you’ll be keeping hold of your weapons. He allows you in and knows that you’ve got your wits about you, he knows not to try and take advantage of you with any unjust propositions or offers. It’s like he respects you…almost.

Success Disadvantage – The Hutt grants you access but warns his guards to be exceedingly wary of you. You can feel the eyes of his many Gamorrean guards all over you as they grip their weapons tightly, eager to fight.

Success Despair – The Hutt laughs, opening the door for you to enter with your weapons on your person. As soon as you step in the grating falls beneath you and you find yourselves in a pit…with a Rancor! The laughter from the amused Hutt will be with you until the end of your days.

Cool is a skill that should not be under-estimated. It can be applied to a surprising amount of situations!

Fail Triumph – You are mocked by the Hutt who tells you he’ll not be granting you access to his palace anytime soon whilst you’re still armed. It’s at this point one of his guards sneakily offers to let you in after the Hutt rather cruelly killed his best friend. Of course, there may be a price…

Fail Advantage – The Hutt shuts off the comms panel, the door not moving an inch as you refuse to give up your weapons. However, you notice the door itself seems to be in a state of disrepair and may be in a good position to be opened by a more forceful means.

Fail Disadvantage – You refuse to hand over your weapons. The door to the palace opens and a few guards storm out, their weapons leveled at you and your comrades. You must choose your next words carefully.

Fail Despair – You’re simply too intimidated by the Hutt and his assumed entourage of fearsome lackies. You drop your weapons without a moments thought before a Jawa comes by to collect them. Upon the Jawa scuttling off into a small hatch beside the palace…the door fails to open. You hear the mocking laughter of the Hutt as you drop your head into your hands and swear loudly in your native tongue.

So, this is just a mere suggestion of what can happen should you fail or succeed a Cool check with varying levels of advantage/disadvantage. Come back next time for what can be accomplished should luck be on your side when trying to mend wounds via the Medicine check.

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