Thunder Chrome – 3D Terrain Review

I really do think that 3D Printed Terrain is a direction a lot more of us will be going very soon, it has so much potential but I think It’s something I need to look at in more depth beyond this article.  So after a very well-received piece on the Universal Tiles KS (Which did really well, hopefully, a little down to the review and extra exposure.)  I dropped a message on a few 3D forums to see if anyone else was interested.

So when Matias Passagues Ceriani of Thunder Chrome contacted me about the Post Apocalyptic style 3D Printed Plans they have done I was all ears.  When you buy plans from 3D companies or download them from a free website what you are getting is the plans to allow you to print any number of plans for the design you buy.  What you are not getting is the ability to print them and then sell them on, unless you come to an agreement with the person who created the plans, but that’s a whole other ball game.

Thunder Chrome ran a small but successful KS campaign last year for there terrain that funded easily in 48hrs.  I would say if they ran the same campaign now with a lot more people looking at 3D printed solutions it would do a lot better.  I’m also sure the one they have coming soon will do very well with their choice of subject matter (Sci-Fi/Infinity style.)  But the pieces I got as part of the review were very much post apoc and they suit a lot of games be it Rogue Stars, Deadzone, Dark Age, Drowned Earth, Fall Out, Wasteman, 30/40k and the list can go on.  Drop the scale a little and you could bring the elements into a whole host of other games as well.

The designs they do are well thought out and easy to print, no need for supports or rafts to deal with the prints.  It’s straight to the sat watching it get bigger and onto the painting.  Okay 3D printing sometimes isn’t quick, but you can leave the printer running whilst you’re at work and come home to a piece ready for undercoating and painting.

The first piece they gave me was a Toxic Pool complete with the Pipes that feed it and an Old TV floating in the slime.

The last Image with the Space Marine should give you a good indication of the scale of the piece.  So we’re talking a decent area coverage.  The Pipe/pump area has some good detail and when its all painted up and on a table, it’s going to look pretty good.  Not bad for about 20hrs on my printer at best resolution.

The second two pieces are scatter terrain a plane wing and a lost engine with some wheels.  Because the terrain doesn’t use any supports the Engine is perhaps a little too placed, but its a small thing that only a few people will even notice and to be honest it doesn’t really matter.  The damage on the wing tip is very nice and nice to see as well.  The rivets on both pieces stand out well and the tyres have a nice tread to them.  They just need sand or other elements packed around them to fit in with them being hidden in the ground a little.

The selection of terrain the site offers gives you plenty of choices to build a pretty solid shanty town with enough options to really go to town (Yeah I went there :)) on the options.  I’m looking forward to getting some paint on them, trying out my best weather techniques and seeing how these pieces change the whole look of my normal gaming table.

All in all the pieces are great and I really look forward to how the Sci-Fi pieces are going to look and how elements will fit in with my already large collection of Sci-Fi bits.  But like Miniatures you can never have enough terrain, can you?


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