Heroes of Black Reach

Today Devil Pigs Games of Heroes of Normandie fame have announced probably one of the most exciting things of the year, and I doubt I am exaggerating, Heroes of Black Reach.

On June 19th 2017 we are advised to prepare for war, and that war is Warhammer 40k powered by the Heroes System Tactical Scale, on the Hive world of Black Reach an Ork Waaagh threatens the Imperium and the poster boys, sorry I mean the Ultramarines will respond to fright of the Warlord Zanzag.

We are expecting the same company level engagements that we have seen so far in the HON games but with two clubs being in competition to see who can have the biggest game board possible I do not think it is outside the realms off possibility that we will see Titans of various sizes at some point, and of course we can expect the variety of troops and weapons that exist in the game to appear, maybe not in the base game, but seriously who can see this stopping at one!

There are 19 main space marine chapters, both loyal and chaos, which I would hope will all make appearances with their different troop types and allegiances as well as a multitude of different alien races and an entire galaxy to burn to the ground!

Speculating a bit but based on the existing titles I think we will probably see this retail at about £50 maybe a fraction more to cover the license but still a good price for what is, I would imagine going to be a massive tournament game.

Hopefully we will see more information coming soon stay tuned or sign up for the Devil Pigs Games newsletter

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